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Sunday, September 27, 2020

The mystery of the numerous statues and images in Babylon Mesopotamia Archaeology

Tanvir NewsAnalysis

During archeological excavations in Babylon Mesopotamia in particular and including Egypt in general, numerous statues and images have been excavated. Scientists have not been able to ascribe any particular need for them, nor any religious importance. Some scientists have ascribed polytheism and idol worship as the reason for the presence of so many statues and images. My research shows completely different interpretation for their presence. They have great significance in Babylonian religion, Mescac, but it is neither idol worship nor it is polytheism. Most of these statues and images have great educational significance and some had decorative purposes. These are the communication links from the Sumerians, Accadians, Assyrians, Egyptians (Human Babylonian) ancestors to the later and present generations to pass religious education about Babylonian religion, Mescac.

Sunday, October 7, 2018


Tanvir NewsAnalysis


The Pyramids, particularly in Egypt have been a source of constant focus and study in the archaeological world. They also got unwanted attention from grave diggers and looters. Many of these Pyramids, which are the burial site of Babylonian Kings have been vandalised and destroyed. But still the fascination for them and to know about them persists through out the world. Nobody knew why they were built. Only conjectures were put forward. In the above article I have discovered the reasons for their origin and purpose. Let them rest in Peace.

Sunday, September 30, 2018



The Economic sanctions are a tool to a certain purpose. They are a political, economic and military weapon in one. I have given the rationale and thinking behind it and ways and means of countering them.

Sunday, April 29, 2018



Somewhere in the 1980s, Iraq went to war with Iran. Both countries suffered heavy casualties in terms of life and economy. Both countries were devastated, their economies shattered and their armies decimated. In this sense the war was a big loss to both countries. The war was instigated by CIA who backed Iraq in the hope that they will destroy or at the very least considerably weaken the Ayatollah regime in Iran or topple it. But this did not happen. Iran and Iraq were both weakened considerably but their regimes survived. This is not what the CIA wanted, but this is what remained and happened.
The Iraqi Armed forces was so weakened that by the time it invaded Kuwait and captured it, Iraq had an effective military force of 150,000 personnel, with no airforce and no navy. But it was enough to capture Kuwait and annex it. Iraqi regime was made to believe by the CIA that USA will look the other way. USA precisely wanted Iraq to capture Kuwait. This is exactly what Iraq did. This capture and annexation of Kuwait is one of the greatest success stories of CIA and U.S foreign policy.
Once a very weak Iraq captured Kuwait, the CIA and U.S propaganda machinery went full throttle. The Iraqi army and government was portrayed as barbaric invaders who were a great military strength and threat to world peace.
All Iraq had at that time was an effective military of 150,000 personnel and no airforce and no navy.
But to fight this almost minuscule military might of Iraq, USA assembled over 500,000 military personnel, over 2000 fighter jets, over 30 warships and submarines. Add to this the military force of over 70 countries.
USA knew full well that Iraq had no military capabilities but it still collected and assembled the biggest war machinery in modern history.
The correct assessment of Iraqi military strength was that it would have required only 50,000 U.S military personnel on the ground, about 70 fighter jets in air and a few Tomahawk missiles to destroy the Iraqi presence in Kuwait and its military in Iraq.
The reason for the assembly of the largest war machinery since world war 2 is much more sinister than people think. The machine was assembled to unofficially annex Kuwait and great parts of Iraq. This USA did very successfully within less than one two months. Once Kuwait and oil rich parts of Iraq were militarily annexed by the USA, it siphoned off more than 10 Trillion U.S dollar worth of oil from the annexed area in the next 7 to 8 years. This was the real purpose of first Iraq war.
Having looted both Kuwait and Iraq for nearly 10 years, there was considerable International pressure on USA to withdraw its troops from both Kuwait and Iraq. Added to this fact was that the Iraqis were fighting a very successful guerrilla warfare . During this period of loot, over 60,000 U.S military personnel lost their lives in the battlefield for a gain of nearly 10 Trillion U.S dollar worth of oil. The U.S public was never informed of these U.S military losses. But these losses and some knowledge of it to the U.S public forced U.S.A to withdraw many of its troops from Kuwait and Iraq.
However, they still maintained no fly zones in Iraq to continue to plunder its oil.
The 10 Trillion U.S dollar oil that U.S.A plundered and stole was used to build its economy and infrastructure. So in 1990 from being one of the top economies of the world, it became the biggest and premier economy of the world.
However, in the early 2000s, the U.S economy again began to slow down. There were loss of jobs and economy was stagnating.
Than came the miracle called 9/11 in which passenger aircrafts were crashed into World Trade Towers. It was an unfortunate event which could have been prevented because the CIA had full knowledge of the perpetrators and their targets. They did not stop them. They did not want them to be stopped.
Thousand of people were killed in the inferno and USA got all the necessary condolences from all around the world.

Mr.Assange and Human Rights
The next move was to convey to the world that USA will not sit silent and will destroy the perpetrators and the countries they were harboured in. USA gave itself a blank cheque to attack any country on this pretext. It had the sympathy of the world.
USA duly attacked Iraq which by now had a mere 100,000 military personnel, no airforce and no navy.
Iraq was easily captured. Now the whole of oil rich Iraq was under the full control of USA. For the next 10 years, USA plundered and destroyed everything of beauty in Iraq including its people and looted more than 10 Trillion U.S dollar worth of oil.
However, again the problem that had forced USA to withdraw its troops from Iraq in the 1st Iraq war happened. Iraqis formed a Guerrilla warfare army and kept killing U.S military personnel. In the 10 years U.S army was in Iraq, more than 100,000 U.S military personnel were killed in combat with the Iraqis for the price of 10 Trillion U.S dollar worth of oil they looted from Iraq.
This money was used to boost U.S economy but the 2008 economic meltdown destroyed the gains of the loot.
The loss of more than 160,000 military personnel combined in the two Iraq wars led to major rethinking by the CIA and US foreign policy makers.
Around 2010, they devised a plan by which they would train and arm Afro Iraqis who were against the Iraqi government. To this effect about 50,000 Afro Iraqis and Africans were trained . Added to this was the presence of 40,000 U.S special Forces personnel and 6000 British special forces personnel. They camouflaged and disguised themselves as ISIL. This is the origin and composition of ISIL.
ISIL attacked Mosul and captured it and kept on capturing vast areas of Iraq and Syria. Compared to this ISIL power was a very weakly trained Iraqi army of mere 50,000. No wonder they were so easily routed in Iraq. They were fighting the U.S and British special forces in the guise of ISIL.
The purpose of ISIL was to take revenge for the killing of more than 160,000  U.S military personnel in the first and second Iraq wars. Also the purpose was to capture oil rich parts of both Iraq and Syria and loot its oil. Before the defeat of ISIL, they looted around 200 billion U.S dollar worth of oil.

The Situation in Syria
The only way that this US-British ISIL could be defeated was if Russia intervened. Russia did so on the invitation of the Syrian government. With the help of Iran, Hezbollah and Syrian army, Russia defeated the ISIL. Russia also helped destroy ISIL in Iraq by providing intelligence to the Iraqi government and military.
The defeat of ISIL and the losses it suffered in 1st and 2nd Iraq wars is the biggest defeat suffered by USA and Britain since World war 2. It is even more catastrophic than the defeat USA suffered at the hands of the Vietnamese.
The purpose of ISIL was to plunder oil as in 1st and 2nd Iraq wars. That purpose is defeated as of now, till such time CIA and USA foreign policy makers along with their British accomplices could muster another great robbery.
  So much for ISIL or whatever!
© Tanvir Nebuchadnezar

Sunday, March 26, 2017



A taxation system can be a source of justice and social harmony but it can also be a source of corruption and social unrest. It can boost business but can also bring down businesses.

I have given a very justifiable and balanced new Taxation regime which can be utilised to bring social harmony and social justice, besides boosting business at the same time.

have a nice day!

Copyright ©Tanvir Nebuchadnezar

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Tanvir NewsAnalysis

                              Mr. Assange and Human Rights

----------------------------some background ----------------


6th August 1945 = USA drops Atom bomb ‘ Little boy’ on Hiroshima, killing 90,000 to 166,000 people, over a million to this day

9th August 1945 = USA drops Atom bomb ‘ Fat man’ on Nagasaki, killing 60,000 to 80,000 people, over a million to this day

April 2003 = USA drops Neutron bomb on Baghdad Airport after failing to secure it through its elite special forces. Brave Iraqi Republican Guards protected the facility. Over 2000 brave Iraqis soldiers killed.

A month in 2003 = another nuclear bomb dropped in a suburb of Basra, over 50,000 killed, over a million to this day

2003= USA drops a nuclear bomb on Torah Borah, Osama has already escaped, over a thousand people killed

------------------------------                 ----------------------

-----------------           --------------     USA is the modern democracy of western world  ----------
          and human rights   -----------------     see the the above -------------       see below

 Come to present

Mr. Julian Asssange is an editor, publisher and journalist and Editor in chief and founder of WikiLeaks, which publishes submissions of secret information of public interest, is holed in Ecuador embassy in London since June 2012. USA wants him dead or alive but most importantly neutralized so that he no longer can inform the world about USA and its policies.
WikiLeaks is also a public interest publication designed to provide a safe conduit for whistleblowers all over the world to expose wrong doings, regardless of political ideology or allegiance.
 WikiLeaks also stand for freedom of expression and freedom of press as well as repudiation of the abuses of power in certain countries.

 Mr. Julian Assange is required in Sweden for questioning regarding sexual offences alleged by two women, one is a 31 year old, a politician in the Social Democratic Party and the other a 26 year old younger woman. Both had consensual sex with Mr.Julian Assange. The 31 year old woman case is K246336-10 who has alleged the offenses of unlawful coercion and two instances of sexual molestation.The 26 year woman’s case is K246314-10 for alleged rape.
   Both females had consensual sex with Mr.Julian Assange and than developed cold feet a few days later. Both feel offended by trivial actions of Mr.Assange. In one case Mr.Assange failed to wear condoms during sex as he promised, which can be breach of faith at worst but no sex offence.The other alleges that Mr Assange tried to have sex when she was asleep. It is impossible to have sex with a person without other person  waking if she was really asleep.

   Both are very frivolous charges if at all any charge can be applied to these cases. Logically the consent for sex is present as long as the male and female continue to remain in same bed willingly. The female will have to climb out of bed, wear clothes and tell the male in words that she no longer wants to have sex with him for the sexual relationship to be considered ended. She should move to another room if available and move out of house if its not her own or ask the male to leave if she is in her own lodging.

    Neither woman did so and thus any effort on part of Mr Julian Assange to have sex in either case ( with success or just a effort) was legitimate, legal and within normal limits of female male sexual copulation relationships.

    It seems the 31 year old was pressurized by her political bosses to level charges against Mr.Assange, which in turn were pressurized by the US government reeling and embarrassed by continuous wikileaks disclosures about its human rights wrongdoings all around the world, when publicly it claims such high moral ground as far as democracy and human rights are concerned.

     The 26 year old woman was either misled by the police and people around her or bought under pressure from Swedish authorities again under US government directions.

      Both these sex offence allegations were meant to neutralize the freedom of Mr.Assange and to isolate and discredit him so that his previous work can be discredited and future work preempted.

    Because if Mr.Assange is arrested for these crimes in Sweden, theoretically all his liberties can be taken away for practically indefinite period, with chance of  torture and interrogation either in Sweden or after being extradited to USA or a third country, as happened with two Egyptians Ahmed Agiza and Muhamad Al Zeniy in 2001, who were seeking asylum in Sweden but were rendition by Sweden to Egypt at the request of CIA (USA) in an extra judicial move.

       Thus both allegations of sex offences in Sweden have been registered under pressure from USA to neutralize Mr.Assange with partial success as he remained under house arrest in England for almost 2 years and has been in refuge in Ecuador embassy, London since 19th June 2012.

      Considering the above circumstances, the Ecuadorian government of Mr.Rafael Correa granted asylum to Mr.Assange. But Mr.Assange has been unable to leave Ecuador embassy for Ecuador as the embassy has been surrounded by London police.

       For this embassy siege the English government gives the reason that a European Arrest warrant(EAW) has been issued for his arrest for alleged crimes in Sweden. England ostensibly wants to extradite Mr.Assange to Sweden but in reality it is neutralizing the activities of Mr.Assange and hence Wikileaks by isolating him in the small Ecuador embassy, thus greatly curtailing Mr.Assange and WikiLeaks capabilities on direct orders from the US government.

        Well so much for national sovereignty and diplomatic immunity and human rights !

   But why will the United States want Mr.Assange so badly, as to go to the extent of concocting sexual charges and than to virtually imprison him in Ecuador embassy. He and wikileaks must have done something very damaging to the United States government ?

       Well that something is that through it's various secret publications, it has exposed the hypocritical and less than perfect claims of  democratic and human rights  which USA has crowed for so long in the past, especially after world war 2 and at the end of cold war.

       These disclosures by wikileaks show the USA and US government as manipulative and mass murderers who in the guise of justice and human rights have killed millions of people around the world and continues to do so even to this day.

       Lets examine some of the documents and information about USA and its activities around the world leaked by the wikileaks.

>> Guantanamo Bay Secrets = it’s a secret facility in Cuba where prisoners are taken, tortured, kept indefinitely in inhuman conditions.The US government promised to close it in 2009 but to this day out of 779 detainees, 172 are still detained.
       Some damaging information leaked includes that Adil Hadi al Jazari Bin Hamilili, an Algerian citizen was detained in Pakistan in 2003, transferred to Bagram detention centre, north of Kabul but was in reality working for british and Canadian Intelligence. He was involved in several Al Qaeda bombing plots in Afganistan and Pakistan.This leads credence to my claim that some elements in  western Intelligence agencies have been helping Al Qaeda ( given in my book”Sexuality:A study into Homosexuality”.
     Another embarrassing information leaked by these documents is that Osama bin Laden escaped Torah Borah helped by cleric Nuur Mohammed, who gave him fighters and Osama escaped breaching coalition lines in Afganistan and not the Pakistani lines.
      Another damaging leak is that Mullah Haji rohullah waxil, from eastern Kuner province held in August 2002 by American forces was working with british diplomats and intelligence services for his anti taliban and anti al Qaeda and drug eradication.
     Of the detainees, one was a 88 senile dementia patient and another 14 year old boy.
        Basically Guantanamo bay was less to collect intelligence but more to show American people that government and intelligence agencies were not impotent and that they have arrested so many Al Qaeda operatives  even if they included senile dementia patients and children !

>> Global Intelligence Files = a collection of more than 5 million E mails from Texas headquarters “Global Intelligence” company Stratfor between July 2004 and December 2011. Stratfor fronts as a intelligence publisher but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations as Bhopal’s Dew Chemical,Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grummen, Raytheon  but also US department of homeland security, the marines, the US defense Intelligence Agency.
The Art of Economic Sanctions and how to counter them

      The Emails show Stratfor’s web of informers, pay structure, payment laundering techniques and psychological methods.

        There are more than 4000 Emails mentioning Wikileaks or Mr.Julian Assange. It Shows that governments and diplomatic sources from around the world give Stratofor advance knowledge of global politics and events in exchange for money.These files also explain how how Stratofor has recruited a global network of informants who are paid via swiss bank accounts and prepaid credit cards. Stratofor has a mix of covert and overt informers which includes government employees, embassy staff and journalists around the world.
        This shows direct US and US government interference and espionage into the internal matters of almost all other countries including its own so called allies and is a clear violation of International laws and norms governing such kind of interaction and behavior.
The Edward Snowden Revelations and Economic piracy

>> Afgan war diary (2004 to 2010) = released  by wikileaks in july 2010, it’s a collection of over 91,000 reports covering the war in Afganistan from 2004 to 2010. It describes lethal military actions, many with massive civilian casualties.They clearly show the the use of excessive force by US military in its operations and its utter failure to gain full military control over Afganistan and capture Osama bin Laden.
    It show massacre of 60 women and children by US military in Garani, Afganistan.
         These files clearly show why US Afganistan war can be regarded as its biggest failure after Vietnam war.
     I suggest a US 500 billion dolar compensation package for all the genocide and destruction caused by USA and its allies in Afganistan.

>> Secret US embassy cables = beginning November 2010, wikileaks published 251,287 leaked US embassy cables.These cables date from 1966 to the end of February 2010.They contain confidential communication between 274 embassies in countries through out the world and the State department in Washington DC.Of these 15652 are classified as secret.
     These cables clearly show that USA has been using its embassies around the world as espionage centers to collect sensitive information about the host country and than use it to manipulate the events in the host country to its own advantage.
     These cables clearly show that US has been spying on its allies and the UN, turning a blind eye to corruption and human rights abuse in client states, under table deals, lobbying for US corporations and show almost all infringement of International laws of diplomacy and propriety as well as healthy business practices.
         Use of embassies for espionage is not new and its use by other countries for espionage is also documented but the scale of US espionage and its ramifications is truly massive and mind boggling.

>> Collateral Murder= this describes a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate killing of over a dozen people in the Iraq suburb of New Baghdad including 2 Reuters news staff.
The nature, purpose, origin and aims of ISIL
        But this is not even the tip of the iceberg. The second Gulf war against Iraq from March 2003 to December 2011 is responsible for the killing of over one million innocent Iraqi citizens and over 300,000 brave Iraqi soldiers who were just trying to protect their homeland.The pretext for the attack was Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). No WMD have ever been found in IRAQ.
        To kill over one million people of IRAQ, which is the home of the greatest apex intelligence and civilization the world has ever known is truly the most criminal act of this century so far.Worse still the first Neutron bomb on a live population was used in Baghdad airport in 2003.
       The USA owes the Iraqis nearly 24 Trillion US dollars for what they stole during the two gulf wars.

         The US government to stop this naked exposure of its abuse of power and breech of International laws and human rights of people around the world started a criminal investigation against Mr.Assange, which is being carried out by a federal grand jury, which virtually assures he will be indicted as it is widely seen as a  rubber stamp for the public prosecutor and US government.

          The US government can charge Mr.Assange under the US 1917 espionage act. It can also charge him under 18USC 641,18USC793, 18USC371, 18USC 1030  and a few other sections.
        But all these laws require it to be proven that Mr.Assange had the intent to cause damage to US national security. But far from this, the sole aim of Mr.Assange was to inform the people of USA and around the world of the wrongdoings of the US government and its spy agencies and he had no intention to harm the United States people. In fact his aim was to enlighten the US people to the misdeeds of US government, which was causing great damage to people around the world but was also jeopardizing the security of United States citizens by its criminal acts in many countries.

         The USA has created a multi agency task force of about 80 to 120 agents to target wikileaks and Mr.Assange  headed by Brig.General Robert.A.Carr of Defense Intelligence Agency.
     From above its very clear that there is clear and present danger to the life, safety and integrity of Mr.Assange and hence his seeking of asylum in Ecuador embassy, London is fully justified under all present International laws, most notably United Nations Charter 1945, Universal Declaration of human rights  1948, Geneva convention of August 12 1949, convention on diplomatic asylum 1954, European convention on the extradition of 1957.

         Thus all international human right laws allow Mr.Assange to seek asylum in Ecuador and to leave England. He also has Swedish national law and international law permission to  answer an interview on his charges in Sweden on telephone or video conference.

      Isolating Mr.Assange  from others is the real purpose of accusation by Swedish females so that he does not exert his right as wikileaks editor. No contact with outside means no wikileaks essentially. This what USA wants.

Unsubstantiated and false accusations of rape is the worst human rights violation of a male as it destroys his integrity and substantially decreases his fundamental right to procure sex from a female in the future.Thus this is a mental torture of the male almost equivalent to physical rape of the female.

        In a democracy there is no room for hiding anything from the public, whether  military or otherwise. I suggest that military secrets and documents be protected by copyright and patent rights. So violation or leaking of such secrets can be tried under copyright breach laws, which come under the ambit of democratic framework and hence are legal and cover human rights of all.

        From the preceeding discussion its clear that Mr.Assange has committed no sexual offence, in fact an offence has been committed on him by false accusations. He has also done the leaks in good faith. If a murder is being committed, somebody coming in to save cannot be prosecuted for trespassing. Mr.Assange has prevented the murder of human rights, democracy and truth by his wikileaks publications and hence cannot be prosecuted for trespassing (obtaining secret documents for greater good).

        But it also raises questions that human rights need to be protected uniformly around the world. USA will have to respect the national sovereignty and human rights of other countries if it wants respect and its own sovereignty to be respected. USA is not the world, its part of the world.

          Lets get together to solve the problems of the world by respecting human rights of all and giving up war and violent means to exert our identity and claims

                           Lets resolve peacefully
                           Let the truth come out
                            Even in the form of wikileaks
                            Or Mr.Assange!

       Copyright Tanvir Nebuchadnezar




Tanvir NewsAnalysis

                     THE SITUATION IN SYRIA

According to official estimates which includes the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute ( SIPRI) and United Nations agencies on disarmament, the International weapons trade accounts to between 70 to 100 billion U.S. dollars each year. This is excluding internal consumption which totals around 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars each year. But these data are collected from weapons producers and government national agencies who wants to advertise their business but at the same time do not want a true estimate of the trade to come out in public because of tax and human rights issues.

     This means that only 20 – 25 % of total weapons trade is made public, which will put the true trade at 350 -500 billion U.S. dollars for external trade and somewhere around 5 Trillion U.S. dollars for internal trade which includes internal consumption by all countries combined.
The Art of Economic Sanctions and how to counter them
-------------------------------------   Both external weapons trade and internal weapons trade require a reason for their existence and trade. Thus both external conflict and war as well as civil war are absolutely necessary for the survival and existence of this colossal weapons industry  which is publicly shown much attenuated so that the very countries which produce these weapons (Weapons of Mass Destruction –WMD) can talk of human rights, peace and disarmament and even act as brokers for peace talks between conflicting parties, but  who always make sure that either the conflict is not resolved at all or not resolved completely, which leaves room for future conflict and future weapons sales.

       Now we come to the principal weapons producers and exporters. By official estimates, U.S.A and Russia accounts for around 55 % of external weapons trade, but my estimate puts it at around 80% of total external weapons trade with U.S.A  accounting for 50% of all external weapons trade.

       The Stockholm International peace Research Institute (SIPRI) puts the share of external weapons trade  for the period 2003-2007 at U.S.A 31%, Russia 29%, Germany 10%, France 9%, England 4% and others 22%.  SIPRI also puts the external weapons trade share for the period 2008-2012 at U.S.A 30%, Russia 26%, Germany 7%, France 6%, China 5% and others 26%.

      Correcting the share percentage and total external weapons trade volume means that in the period 2003-2007, U.S.A earned between 150-250 billion U.S dollars per year or a total of 750-1250 billion U.S dollars. In the same period Russia earned 80-125 billion U.S dollars per year or a total of 400-625 billion U.S dollars.

      Similarly correcting the share percentage and total external weapons trade volume means that in the period 2008-2012, U.S.A earned between 160-260 billion U.S. dollars per year or a total of 780-1300 billion U.S dollars. In the same period Russia earned 90-130 billion U.S dollars per year or a total of 450-700 billion U.S dollars.

         These are massive amounts of money and keeps both U.S.A and Russia at the center stage of world politics with both becoming main brokers in any conflict. Because both never seem to agree on anything ( a so called cold war is going on for the past 70 years ) and thus there cannot be any agreement  and hence any conflict once it starts cannot be resolved, certainly not on a permanent basis.

       Thus for very obvious reasons U.S.A and Russia cannot be part of any realistic peace agreement  between conflicting parties around the world. But considering that conflicting parties require weapons to fight, which U.S.A and Russia have been readily supplying for the past 60 -70 years.This helps both U.S.A  and Russia to monopolize all peace talks and manipulate them to their advantage, which means protracted and prolonged talks with unsuccessful results or at best partially successful results for conflict resolution.This monopoly of external weapons trade means that U.S.A and Russia are  essential for any peace agreement to succeed and since peace disturbs this trade, they make sure that no peace solution is found easily and put hurdles in the path of peace talks siting either perceived differences between each other or some hocus pocus human right issue.

       This monopoly of both U.S.A and Russia can only be broken if an International arms treaty banning all weapons to conflicting parties take effect.This was tried by the U.N General Assembly in the form of International Arms Trade Treaty 2013 which was voted against by the U.S.A for very obvious reasons.

     The only rationale and effective alternative for this failed International Arms Trade Treaty is the entry of a neutral peace broker like the United Nations Organization (UNO) which should broker all conflicts around the world, excluding both U.S.A and Russia if necessary. Other neutral organizations with a massive platform  like my company TN limited, which does not export weapons and hence do not have any conflict of interest can form an effective platform for peace talks.
       Now coming to the Syrian conflict where people of Syria are trying to topple an autocratic regime which has been effectively ruling Syria since 1971 as Ba’ath party first under Hafez-al-Assad and now under his son Basher-al-Assad.

      But to put the Syrian conflict under proper perspective, before 1971,  Syria saw musical chairs with the head of state being changed every 1-2 years for one reason or the other.Thus this period between 1971 and 2011 before the beginning of the Syrian uprising can be regarded as a stable period of governance by Syrian standards. This period led to economic growth and stifling of all democratic and opposition voices. Previously also there were attempts by the people of Syria  to topple the Assad family which were brutally crushed. The same has been repeated by Assad junior.
The situation in Egypt
       But we must also understand that Syrian society is cosmopolitan in nature with significant proportions of Christians, Shias and majority Sunnis.Thus in any democratic setup, the core democratic value of Secularism has to be accepted and constitutionally validated as well, if democracy has any chance of succeeding in Syria.

       Bashar-al-Assad, the present ruler has the backing of Russia and he has bought 10 -15 billion U.S dollars worth of weapons from Russia, about 10 billion U.S dollars in the last 2-3 years to guarantee continued support from Russia. Obviously U.S.A doesn’t like him, he doesn’t buy weapons from them. This leaves the Syrian people who don’t have any money to buy weapons from U.S.A and hence gain its support. Some neighboring countries have provided weapons to them and maybe 1-1.5 billion U.S dollar weapons have been sold.

 Obviously Russia does not want a regime change, its getting what it wants, including a permanent military base on the Mediterranean Syrian coast. U.S.A would like a regime which would buy weapons from it and give other concessions. Russia wants status quo.

Thus Syrian conflict is a very naked and stark example of U.S.A –Russia weapons trade competition in which over 100,000 Syrians have lost their lives. Recently about 1500 Syrians were killed in an apparent chemical weapons attack. U.S.A wanted to make it an excuse to register a regime change or at least encourage others to finance buying of weapons from it to help Syrian fighters against Assad regime. But we must ask what U.S.A was doing when the other 100,000 Syrians were killed in the past two years ?
Mr.Assange and human rights
-------------------------------The only effective peace process can be through the auspices of United Nations and neutral parties like my company  ( TN limited).

 I think a fair peace process should include the inclusion of all Syrian people. This means a secular constitution. Syrian people should have the right to choose their government which means a democratic constitution.Thus both democracy and secularism have to be guaranteed in the constitution irrespective of who comes to power.

For this to happen,  the ruling party should select an alternative nominee in the interim government.The opposition should also elect its nominee in the interim government.The United Nations should select its own nominee in the interim government.These three nominees will govern Syria till elections for new government are held under a new constitution.

      In the Syrian conflict millions of people have been made refugees, homes and infrastructure destroyed. The first priority of the interim government should be to see that these homes and infrastructure are rebuilt and Syrian people return to their homes. My  company is ready to bear much of the cost of reconstruction with help from other charity organizations.

Next elections should be held after 3 months of reconstruction and 100 Syrian representatives elected to form and design the Syrian constitution. But Secularism and democracy ( as defined and explained by me in my book “Sexuality: A Study into Homosexuality” ) should be preempted part of any designed Syrian constitution so that rights of all Syrian people could be protected.

  This 100 Syrian elected representatives should draft a secular and democratic constitution and put it on a referendum in front of Syrian people.

Next the government should be elected by the Syrian people under the new democratic and secular constitution.

               May the Syrian people have peace
               Have government of their own
                Have livelihood
                Have democracy and secularism !
               Syria is a Mesopotamian Country!

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People die and people are born. The cycle goes on but when we have society and we have entrusted the task of protecting the citizens of a country to the government. We expect them to do that. Sometimes in exceptional circumstances they can fail and can be excused for to a slight degree but if the government itself plots the death of more than 200 innocent citizens to cover its criminal acts of passing unconstitutional and barbaric act of taking away fundamental rights of its most distinguished resident, which happens to be me, but earns enormous amounts of money by betting on me under the same act. But if it sees itself losing that enormous money, it decides to kill me. But because it cannot be seen a criminal so it hatches a plan to kill me in which more than 180 innocent citizens lose their lives.

      The Bombay or Mumbai terrorist act is an example of everything wrong with Indian democracy. But nobody in the media picked the threads of truth to tell the people of India as to how its government is making a fool out of them. I as not only as a victim of the plot but also as a person who wants to enlighten the people of the working of a government they choose with lot of enthusiasm.

      Here is the real truth behind the Mumbai or shall we call it Bombay Terrorist attack of 2008.

 On 18th of November 2008 I left for Mumbai from Dehradun by reserved train. I had to get my Maharashtra medical council registration renewed. I also wanted computerized mark sheets for my MBBS done at AFMC Pune from Pune University.

           I reached Mumbai uneventfully and got myself a dormitory room accommodation at 'SHIP' hotel near Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST).

         The next day I went to the Maharashtra medical council office at Arthur road and presented my documents. I was told that it would take a week or two and my medical identity card would be sent by post. I than visited several sites in Mumbai in the next two to three days, including the Gateway of India. There I was able to think and work out my " New Tidal wave theory “.

   I than took the shuttle train to Pune the next morning and got my computerized mark sheets from Pune university, changed my signature at my AFMC India Overseas Bank account, bought several books from the AFMC book store, bought clothes for myself and some other articles. I stayed at a hotel near Pune railway station.
             I also withdrew cash from my Combined banking services state bank of India account both at Pune and in Mumbai.

         I returned from Pune to Mumbai, got a room (dormitory) in the same 'SHIP' hotel I stayed a few days earlier. I got Tatkal (emergency) reservation to Hardwar on 26th November 2008. My train was to leave from Mumbai central which is about one hour drive from CST station and where I was staying.

      I got myself a local train ticket to Mumbai central from CST at CST station at around 6.00 PM local time. My train to Haridwar was supposed to leave from Mumbai central at around 11 .00 PM. I returned to my hotel and packed my luggage. The local train was due at around 8: 30 PM around that time. I signed off the register around 8.00 PM and got down from the hotel at near 8: 10 PM. I was carrying heavy luggage which would have weighed nearly 30 to 40 Kg.
      As I went down I thought that it will be difficult to board the overcrowded local train with such heavy luggage and I talked to a Taxi driver to carry me and my luggage to Mumbai central. This was around 8:25 PM. This saved my life.

      Well the details of the attack the world knows, my side of Mumbai visit I have told. Now here is the untold reality.

 I had written the scientific work " A study into homosexuality" in mid 2008 .The only copies of this work are available with the U.S copyright office, a copy I sent to BBC office at Bush house London and I sent a copy each to the U.S. embassy and U.K embassy in New Delhi. Unfortunately my copy I had put in the open as I have written earlier. Homosexuals read this copy and might have passed a copy of this to others.

     Now I had planned my trip to Mumbai in advance. It was than that the order for my assassination was passed by the Indian government (Indian Parliament) but it was to look like a accident.

           The Indian Intelligence agencies which control Taliban and Lashkar -e -Taeba, both fronts of Al Qaeda, which is founded by India, Iran and Syria with some western intelligence help, gave order to Lashkar -e- taeba to attack Mumbai at a date when I was to be in Mumbai.

       Only the head and deputy of Lashkar -e -taeba are controlled by Indian Intelligence agencies and that too through its ISI (Inter Services Intelligence, Pakistan) contacts. So Lashkar operatives and cadres know nothing that they are being indirectly controlled by Indian Intelligence agencies and that too through its ISI contacts.

         After the order was given by the Indian government to Indian Intelligence agency to ISI contacts to Lashkar -e -taeba to Lashkar operatives, the operation was set up. Indian Intelligence passed all information about the targets and me to Lashkar chief who passed the information to the operatives. My photograph and video was also passed but my name was not given so that they could not take or reveal my name. My movements and habits have been very well studied by the Indian Intelligence and my route was partially manipulated.

     The attack was to  kill me and show it as terrorist hand. Now I have investigated reports that the operatives landed by boats in coloba, which is Indian Intelligence propaganda. The operatives had arrived in Mumbai a few days after me and were stayed in a safe house. They were to assemble at seashore in coloba to show that they just arrived there from Pakistan to rule out any Indian complicity.

           The local train was due to leave CST station at around 8:30 PM and I would have been at CST at this time when the attack started. Everything was timed perfectly, only that I at the last moment changed by travel plan and took a cab to go to my reservation train in Mumbai central.

      At 8:30 IST the attack at CST began with two gunmen with AK-47 rifles, which was supposed to kill me. Many people including many policemen were killed. I was not among the dead.

          Not finding me at CST, the attackers went out in search of me. In this search they killed several people and policemen though in a police encounter, one gunman was killed and other injured and captured and later sentenced to death.

          No body knows that these two gunmen were at CST to kill  me, they themselves didn't know. They only knew that I am very tall, over 6 feet 6 inches, fair, long hairs, very good looking and would stand out in a crowd anywhere in the world and has got the good looks that nobody forgets me once they see me. They were shown my photographs and video in Mumbai. But the gunmen didn't find me at CST, searched outside and couldn't find me and were later neutralized by Mumbai police.

        In the attack before it was brought under control on Saturday 29th November 2008. Luckily I was not one of those innocent victims. This is Indian government. This is terrorism. This is spinoff. This is the true story. I survived. Innocent people died. Real killers are in Indian government alive. They blame others. Terrorists are everywhere. Masterminds of terrorists are in the Indian government and Indian Intelligence. Read anything bigger. This is detective work. This is investigation. This is why I am I. This is because I have the most astonishing observation, analytical, inference capabilities the world has ever known. This is why I survive.

         But the dissection of the Mumbai terrorist attack is not over. As I have written in my previous article, the Indian government passed bills in 1998 and 1999, which took away all my fundamental rights and various religions made claims about me being their religious deity. The Indian government took this opportunity to pass these bills, which required cooperation of almost all members of parliament and state assemblies. But they added a clause of bets, which is ostensibly to test and check these various claims, but like all things corrupt, were essentially meant to earn money for political leaders in India through betting. This bill was also used by the Indian government to bet on my mother who was murdered by the Al Qaeda members under the order of the Indian government on 21st March 1999. I had completed my internship from Bhillai and was on my way home and had boarded the train on the same very day my mother was murdered under orders of the Indian government.

     Because the Indian government had claimed me as homosexual (I am absolutely straight) so my article writing about homosexuality as low animal life and certainly not in anyway praising it, meant that I had publicly opposed the very central claim on which basis the government had passed these bills in 1998 and 1999. This meant that the Indian government could no longer hold the bill legally and morally because the article proved that I am straight and does not in any way approve of homosexuality. But this also meant that many political leaders would have either lost their jobs or huge amounts of money as they had put bet on me to be homosexual (I am straight). The Indian government wanted to kill me before I could go public with that scientific work I wrote about homosexuality. Though I have lost the original hand written work but the Xerox of that hand written work is still available at U.S. Copyright Office with registration number TXu001775206. I copyrighted the work in 2009.

       Again people must understand that as with the bills the order to assassinate me could not have been passed without the consent of the Indian Prime Minister, Congress President and leader of Opposition and head of Intelligence in India. In fact the Indian Parliament voted for the Bombay carnage to take place in order to kill me. This way nobody would have ever known about the bill. But such is red tape in India that murder charges against common criminals take decades to be proven if at all. So the chances of criminal action being taken against the real perpetrators of Mumbai massacre are indeed slim. But people must be informed about the truth and that is the purpose of this article. The author feels his duty to inform and enlighten the readers of what happens around them. Don’t always go with what the media says, apply your brain and many times the truth will strike you like a cold bucket of water on your face on a very cold snowy night and will probably awaken you from your sleep of passiveness and humble worship of corrupt and worthless leaders and politicians,
Let people know the truth
Let people see the true faces
Let people rise from their slumbers
Let people rise from laziness
Let people rise against corruption
Let people rise against true terrorism
Let people see the face of truth!


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                     THE SITUATION IN EGYPT

The recent events in Egypt in which the elected government was overthrown and an interim administration installed with the help of military has important lessons for the region in particular and democracy in general.
It was only 2 years back that protesters were demanding democratic elections and the overthrow of autocratic Mubarak regime. In less than 2 years, the situation shifted so dramatically that almost the same people wanted to oust the elected Morsi government.What happened in this period? Were there any behind the scene manipulations from outside? Were the second uprising a result of internal tensions and lack of trust in the Morsi regime?

For a mature analysis of the situation we must understand that Mubarak regime ruled for many years with generally peace and above average economic performance, helped by multibillion dollar aid package from USA and European Union. We must also understand that Mubarak regime was backed by the military which got huge military aid from USA in return for its support for its support to the Mubarak regime.
A very important factor that came into play after democratic elections in which Muslim Brotherhood candidate Morsi won, is the nature of Muslim Brotherhood. Though from outside it may look that Muslim Brotherhood is a mass based party and movement but in truth its core is formed of salafist ideology leaders who get their training and guidance from similar leaders in Saudi Arabia. Muslim Brotherhood has got significant financial aid from Saudi Arabia over decades, just to promote salafist ideology in Muslim Brotherhood and among poor people to attract them to Muslim Brotherhood. Thus all leaders and controllers of Muslim Brotherhood are salafists whose core ideology is to promote and propagate Wahabism, which is in turn to promote a primitive  form of Saudi Arabian culture in the guise of Islam.This Saudi Arabia has been doing for many centuries, previously by military conquests and now by oil money.

Right from the start the aim of Muslim Brotherhood was to establish a salafist sharia based government, which was eventually to do away with elections once they got control of all power apparatuses in Egypt, particularly the military and police.The start of this process was self empowered dictatorial powers given to himself by presidential decrees by Morsi to dismiss anybody in Egypt. He dismissed the army chief and appointed many Muslim Brotherhood candidates in police, military and judiciary.
But this process eventually meant imposing sharia ( or Saudi Arabian  culture) laws on Egyptian society. There was hectic activity on part of Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia to do so, as with the weakening of Al Qaeda the power of salafist movement (Wahabism) and  Saudi Arabia was diminishing fast and there were orders from Saudi Arabia to speed up the process of imposing sharia and Saudi culture on Egyptian society (basically a true Babylonian country).

The hurry on part of Muslim Brotherhood, on orders from Saudi Arabia spilled the beans and many people in Egyptian society came to know of this hidden agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was establishment of sharia and  Saudi Arabian cultural laws on Egyptian society and thus these people launched an open offensive to oust Muslim Brotherhood government from power.
This is the real reason for the angry demonstrations to oust Mursi government previously and his overthrow by the military.
Most people in Egypt, except the Muslim Brotherhood supporters and salafists want a democratic secular plural society in Egypt, with freedom of belief and action and live life peacefully and happily as against the unhappy and galiz life under sharia and  Saudi arabian cultural laws.

Thus the overthrow of Morsi must be seen as the overthrow of future dictatorship and slavery under  Saudi Arabian cultural laws. Its also a show of a desire by the Egyptians to live life happily in accordance with democratic and secular principles, which guarantee opportunity to all citizens to practice their beliefs and lives, in accordance with their personal interpretations of religion and life.
Thus the present coup must be seen as a show of strong desire of Egyptians for their individual freedoms and freedom in society and is against future dictatorship and galiz life ahead under salafist Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabian cultural laws in the guise of sharia laws and Islam.

This is the second time the Egyptian people have risen in less than 2 years to ask for greater freedom both in individual and social life, and right to choose a government which protects these basic freedoms. Now the Egyptians know that such freedom is only possible under a secular and democratic government.
 May they get help from the all mighty !

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Thursday, October 20, 2016


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Mesopotamian Babylon as an entity has been present on this planet for nearly 40 million years. Names have changed and generations have changed. But in the last three thousand years, with the education of western Europe and growth of population there in, Babylon has been facing a problem it has never faced before.

The situation in Mesopotamian Babylon, which includes countries like Iraq, West Iran, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait and Israel in middle East and distant migrations of Mesopotamian Babylonians like Russia, Armenia, Belarus and large proportion of Eastern European population, has changed due to the challenge posed by western Europe and its migrant population in North America and South America.
The nature, purpose, origin and aims of ISIL

This article will not dwell further in this evolutionary historical aspect. But, for the purpose of this article, the demographic study of present day Iraq is instructive. When Islam invaded Babylon and imposed Islam and Arabic on Babylonians, it also killed more than 20% of the Babylonian population of Iraq at that time. This is one of the biggest genocides in the history of mankind. Since than it has prevailed as an occupying force over Iraq, Syria, Iran, Kuwait, and Jordan. Only Israel, at great cost to Babylonian Jewish population has been able to withstand this occupying force.

Now, coming to present day Iraq, the occupying force of Islam has very nearly destroyed the roots and identity of Mesopotamian Babylonians. The occupying Arabs multiplied faster and today constitute nearly 15 to 20% of Iraqi population.

The southern Mesopotamian Babylonians to somehow save their Mesopotamian roots took “Shia Islam” as their occupying force. The northern Mesopotamian Babylonians were more scattered and took “Sunni Islam” as their occupying force. Generally, both kept away from Arabs and tried to keep alive the Mesopotamian Culture and Civilization as much as possible.

But, over a period of time, the Arabs forced themselves on the northern Mesopotamian Babylonians and southern Mesopotamian Babylonians and succeeding in cross breeding with them to some extent. Hence today almost 5 to 10% of Iraqi population is mixed Arab-Mesopotamian and the most un stable lot.

If Iraq is to get back its Mesopotamian Babylonian roots, it will have to unite both the northern Mesopotamian Babylonians and the southern Mesopotamian Babylonians. It will have to develop a government with this historical responsibility in mind. A divided Mesopotamian Babylon Iraq will fall easy prey to enemies, which are plenty.

Though Democracy is a government invented in Mesopotamia but its form has varied over thousands of years and still vary today. The democracy in Mesopotamian Babylon Iraq must reflect its Mesopotamian and Babylonian roots, its Mesopotamian Culture and Civilisation, its population composition and its ground reality.

As a starter, Iraq should shift to a Presidential form of government but a unique Presidential form of government.

Major parties in Iraq will select their Presidential candidates. The candidate getting the highest percentage of vote will become the President. The candidate coming second will become the Vice-President. The candidate coming third will become the Deputy Vice President.
The President will select portfolios and candidates to run various departments.
The Vice President will also be the Interior Minister and will control the police and Internal defence.
The deputy Vice President will also be the defence minister and will look after the defence of the country. But, the President will be the Commander in Chief of all forces.
The combined Vice President and Deputy Vice President with 30% Parliament vote can veto any Law or order by the President.

The Iraqi Parliament will consist of two houses, a Unitary house and a Tribal house. The Unitary house will be elected by the people, with each 100,000 people electing one member.

The Tribal house is more complicated. For this all Tribes in Iraq will have to register at the central registry. To be registered as a Tribe, it should have some historical relevance and the support of at least 10,000 people.
For every 50,000 people of a tribe, the tribe can elect and send one member to the Tribal house. For example a Tribe having 300,000 registered members can elect 300,000 divided by 50,000, maximum 6 members to the Tribal house. Though it can choose to send less than 6 members for what ever reason.

Thus, before election, all Iraqi people will have to register as members of one Tribe or the other and they can vote for that Tribe election only.
This way, the Tribal house will give representation to each Tribe in Iraq.

The Tribal house will have as much voting right as the Unitary house in the government functioning.

Now, coming to revenue sharing, since oil is the major money earner, it's sharing is important. Irrespective of from where the oil is taken out, the proceeds of the sale will be collected by the central government. The Central government will have 40% share of the oil revenues. Rest of 60% revenue will be divided among the various provinces in the ratio of their populations.

For example, it total oil revenue comes to 100,000 iraqi dinar, 40,000 dinar will go to the central government and rest 60% will be divided among various provinces. Suppose there are three provinces A, B and C with populations of 100000, 200000 and 300000 respectively, than their ratio of population is 1:2:3 and the remaining 60,000 oil revenue will be divided in this ratio and proportion with province A getting 10,000 ID, province B getting 20,000 ID and province C getting 30,000 ID.

Similarly other revenues can also be divided between the central government and provinces.

To help build communication, historical languages Sumerian and Assyrian are to be recognised as official languages and their development to be financed by the government. In addition Arabic, Kurdish and English can be retained as the working official languages, with instant translations available in parliament and in media.

Once the President, Vice President and Deputy Vice President are elected along with the Parliament, they can work on the intricacies of the law and other systems to be followed in the country.

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Saturday, April 9, 2016


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When a person is killed on premeditation and purpose, it is murder. When a person is killed accidentally, it is not murder. But in both cases, the person is dead and cannot rise from the dead to give testimony against its assailants. There is another dimension to it, which is that a murder is staged to implicate another innocent person. I will examine the death of Alexander Litvenenko to find where he fits in all the above categorisation.

If the reader has not heard or read about Alexander Litvenenko, I will consider it a failure of the western media. Because they have done everything to blow the image of Alexander Litvenenko to larger than life and his death has been put on the pedestal of one of the great murder stories of this century.

But it is my assumption that some of the readers might not have heard of Alexander Litenenko or might have heard but do not recall too many details about him. To refresh such memories and minds, I will like to inform the readers that Alexander Litvenenko was KGB (now FSB) agent, which is the secret Intelligence Service of Russia. He did his work well while on duty.

Somewhere down the line, during is duties, he got in touch with some rich people and in all probability took some money from them, in return for some favours he did to them in his capacity as a KGB agent. One of such rich men was Boris Berezovsky and the two got well together. Boris Berezovsky was a political rival of the now Russian President Mr.Vladamir Putin and his enemy. Later with consolidation of power in the hands of Mr.Vladamir Putin, Boris Berezovsky left Russia and took asylum in Britain.

It is my surmise that Boris Berezovsky got in touch with the British Intelligence and informed them of his association with Alexander Litvenenko. An element of blackmail on the part of both Boris Berezovsky and british intelligence cannot be ruled out. But slowly Alexander Litvenenko distanced himself from the KGB high command and started to mouth the propaganda fed to him by the British intelligence. Obviously this set the KGB against him and they started an active investigation against him. In all likelihood, he would have been arrested, tried for treachery and collaboration with the British Intelligence and would have been punished for the same.

To avoid the above capture and punishment, Alexander Litvenenko, who got advance warning of his impending arrest left Russia for Britain. He asked for political asylum at Heathrow airport, London on November 1 2000 and was granted political asylum on 14 May 2001. This gap and delay of about 6 months was calculated on the part of British Intelligence to throw away any suspicion of their involvement.

Once Alexander Litvenenko was granted political asylum, he started actively serving in the British Intelligence. Most of the information he had gathered as a KGB agent, he had already passed to the British Intelligence and thus as far as gathering Intelligence about Russia was concerned, was of no further use to the British Intelligence.

We must also appreciate that after the break up of Soviet Union in 1990-91 and Chechan war during 1996-98 period, Russia was particularly vulnerable and the Western Intelligence, particularly the British Intelligence and the CIA (US Intelligence) were looking for loopholes and weaknesses in the Russian nation. Their purpose was to weaken Russia militarily, economically and politically and to have a US/Britain compliant government in Moscow. To this end, all resources of the US Intelligence and British Intelligence were geared to fulfil.

To this end, Alexander Litvenenko was a very handy propaganda tool. He had extensive knowledge about the Russian Intelligence and political hierarchy and was presentable to the western media. All these are important factors for the propaganda to succeed. Add to this that Alexander Litvenenko had some friends in the KGB. But I think the most important factor was that financially Alexander Litvenenko was dependent on payments of the British Intelligence and loans from Boris Berezovsky. He had a lavish lifestyle and ran into considerable debts on that account. Thus, he offered no intellectual resistance to the British Intelligence and did exactly what he was told to do by them, including writing two book, “Blowing up Russia: Terror from Within” and “Lubyanko Criminal Group”. Both the books, though utilised the extensive knowledge of Alexander Litvenenko had about KGB and inner Russian politics, were ghost written by British Intelligence authors. Both books are designed to weaken the creditability of the Russian government and its leaders and its moral standing as a nation state in the world.

But, even the books like the above can have influence on people who read the books. On others, they will have no influence. the British Intelligence needed a bigger plot to hack on the Russian Intelligence and government and its leaders.

When Alexander Litvenenko’s propaganda value has plummeted to very low levels, he was of little use alive to the British Intelligence or the CIA.

But, suppose Alexander Litveneneko was to be murdered and his murder could be traced to Russian Intelligence and than to the Russian government and than to the Russian President Mr.Vladamir Putin, than Alexander Litvenenko would have completely served his purpose, even at the cost of his life.

The above could be done two ways. One way was for the British Intelligence to induce Russian Intelligence to Kill Alexander Litvenenko in a obvious way, so it points directly to the Russian government. Now, this is most difficult and after a trial and waiting of nearly 5 years, was abandoned. The British Intelligence had tried to make Alexander Litvenenko as much a attractive bait as it possibly could but the Russians refused to take it.
Tired of waiting for 5 years, for the Russians to murder Alexander Litvenenko, the British Intelligence decided to do it itself.

But the problem was not in doing the murder but implicating not only the Russian Intelligence but the Russian government and preferably the Russian president Mr.Vladamir Putin. Already in the Inducement plan, Alexander Litvenenko had personally insulted and accused the Russian President Mr.Vladamir Putin of various alleged crimes. This was to be presented as a reason why the Russian Intelligence, Russian government and Russian president would murder Alexander Litvenenko.

The same baiting insults and accusations were later used to accuse the Russian Intelligence, Russian government and Russian president of murdering Alexander Litvenenko by Polonium 210 poisoning on 1st November 2006 and death on 23rd November 2006 by lethal Polonium 210 induced acute radiation syndrome.

I will like to inform the reader that Polonium 210 is one of the world’s rarest element. It is produced artificially in Nuclear reactors. All of the world’s legal polonium 210 is produced in Russia in RBMK reactors. About 85 grams (450000 Ci) are produced by Russia annually for research and industrial purposes. It is no wonder that polonium used to kill Alexander Litvenenko has been traced back to Russia. It is lethal in small amounts. One gram of its silver salt can kill a man. A poisoned victim will experience multiple organ failures as alpha radiation particles destroy the liver, kidneys and bone marrow from within. Symptoms like nausea, hair loss, throat swelling etc. are common. One microgram of Polonium 210 can deliver a fatal dose. Its a silver coloured metal found in Uranium ores, Polonium 210 is one of the 25 radioactive isotopes of Polonium and it decays to lead by alpha particle emission, with a half life of 138 days. The alpha particles emitted can be stopped by skin or paper or glass. Ingestion of Plonium 210 causes damage inside the body by taking electrons from body molecules and causing DNA damage.
Polonium 210 emits alpha particles with a characteristic energy of around 5.3 MeV, which a alpha particle spectrometer can identify.

Alexander Litvenenko’s father has accused Boris Berezovsky and Alexander Goldfarb of being behind’s his son’s murder. Boris Berezovsky was found dead at his home in England on 23rd March 2013 with strangulation like marks on his neck.

Initially Scotland Yard (London police) had reported that Alexander Litvenenko was poisoned with Thallium. Thallium poisoning distinctly causes hair loss and damage to peripheral nerves.

Now, I will give the “POLONIUM TRAIL”  as reported by the British investigators:

“Three distinct polonium trails in and out of London, at three different dates, which according to investigation suggests that Andrey Lugovoy and Dmitry Kovt took two two failed attempts to administer polonium to Litvenenko before the final and successful one. 
 The first attempt took place on 16 October 2016,when radioactive traces were found in all places visited by the FSB operatives, before and after their meeting with Litvenenko, where they administered poison to his tea, which he never drank. (They are supposed to not know how to handle polonium , stored in their hotel rooms, used regular towels to clean up leaks and eventually disposed the poison in the Toilet). On 17th October, perhaps realising they contaminated their rooms, they prematurely checked out and moved to another hotel and left London the next day”

“Another unsuccessful assasination attempt took place on 25th October when they flew to London again. They left radioactive traces again in their hotel prior to meeting Litvenenko but did not administer the poison, perhaps due to security cameras in the meeting room and disposed off the poison into their room’s toilet and left London.”

“The third attempt of poisoning Litvenenko took place at around 5PM of 1 November in the Millennium Hotel in Grosvenor Square. The bus he travelled into the hotel had no signs of radioactivity but large amounts had been detected at the hotel. Polonium was subsequently found in a 4th floor room and in a cup in the pine bar at the hotel. After the Millennium bar, Litvenenko stopped at the office of Boris Berezovsky. He used a fax machine. At 6 PM Akhmed Zakayev picked Litvenenko up and brought him home to Miswell hill. The amount of radioactivity left by Litvenenko in the car was so significant, the car was rendered unusable.”

“traces left by Lugovoy were also found in the office of Berezovsky that he visited on 31 October, a day before his second meeting with Litvenenko. Traces left by Kovtun were found in Hamburg, Germany. He left them on his way to London on 28th October.”
“The traces were found on passenger jets BA 875 and BA 873 from Moscow to Heathrow on 25 and 31 October, as well as flights BA 872 and BA 874 from Heathrow to Moscow on 28 October and 3 November”   END OF TRAIL

In January 2016, Robert Owen UK Public enquiry stated that Andrey Lugovoy and Dmitry Kovtun were responsible for the poisoning of Litvenenko. The enquiry also stated that there was a strong probability that Lugovoy and Kovtun were acting under the direction of the FSB, and that their actions were probably approved by both Nikolai Patrushev, Director of FSB and Russian President Mr.Vladamir Putin.

Another important point to understand is that both Lugovoy and Kortun were friends with Litvenenko. This fact was used by British Intelligence. They asked him to invite them to London so they could try to make them defect to them. To this Litvenenko agreed and invited Lugovoy and Kortun for a a business deal. They informed Litvenenko when they were coming to London. Thus, their movements were known to the British Intelligence.

Once they landed in London, a reverse trail of Polonium 210 was implanted by the British Intelligence, including their aircraft seats, hotel rooms etc.

The autopsy of Litvenenko has revealed two spikes of Polonium. This means that he was poisoned twice. Once he was poisoned in the presence of Italian businessman Mario Scaramella at a sushi restaurant. This dose was sub-lethal and was a theatre rehearsal for his later poisoning when he was to have food and drink with Lugovoy and Kortun.
During Litvenenko’s lunch with Lugovoy and Kortun, he was successfully poisoned by British Intelligence, both in his tea and drink. This was the lethal dose that subsequently took his life.

The spray of polonium 210 was sprayed on the backs of Lugovoy and Kortun so that they would leave a “Handling trail” and not an “Ingestion trail”, wherever they would go. This would implicate them in a later investigation.

Thus, all description of the trail of Polonium given by the British investigators is true but Litvenenko was not poisoned by Lugovoy or Kortun. He was poisoned by the British Intelligence to implicate Lugovoy and Kortun and at a later date implicate the KGB and the Russian government, including the Russian president.

As I have explained earlier, polonium 210 is lethal when ingested but has no effect on contact with the skin. Thus the sprays and trail of polonium used and made by the British Intelligence had no effect on the general public. Any harm to the British citizens was checked by a timely warning and adequate healthcare provided in a systemic and timely manner.

Thus, almost all British report of Litvenenko poisoning trail is correct except that the source of Polonium 210 is British Intelligence and Lugovoy and Kortun are innocent. Obviously, Russian government and Russian President had no role to play in this self incriminating drama played on British soil by British Intelligence.

Many people in Russia might have wanted Alexander Litvenenko dead, but none of them killed him, many people in Britain wanted Litvenenko to live but their Intelligence killed him!

Copyright       Tanvir Nebuchadnezar