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Thursday, October 20, 2016


Tanvir NewsAnalysis


Mesopotamian Babylon as an entity has been present on this planet for nearly 40 million years. Names have changed and generations have changed. But in the last three thousand years, with the education of western Europe and growth of population there in, Babylon has been facing a problem it has never faced before.

The situation in Mesopotamian Babylon, which includes countries like Iraq, West Iran, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait and Israel in middle East and distant migrations of Mesopotamian Babylonians like Russia, Armenia, Belarus and large proportion of Eastern European population, has changed due to the challenge posed by western Europe and its migrant population in North America and South America.
The nature, purpose, origin and aims of ISIL

This article will not dwell further in this evolutionary historical aspect. But, for the purpose of this article, the demographic study of present day Iraq is instructive. When Islam invaded Babylon and imposed Islam and Arabic on Babylonians, it also killed more than 20% of the Babylonian population of Iraq at that time. This is one of the biggest genocides in the history of mankind. Since than it has prevailed as an occupying force over Iraq, Syria, Iran, Kuwait, and Jordan. Only Israel, at great cost to Babylonian Jewish population has been able to withstand this occupying force.

Now, coming to present day Iraq, the occupying force of Islam has very nearly destroyed the roots and identity of Mesopotamian Babylonians. The occupying Arabs multiplied faster and today constitute nearly 15 to 20% of Iraqi population.

The southern Mesopotamian Babylonians to somehow save their Mesopotamian roots took “Shia Islam” as their occupying force. The northern Mesopotamian Babylonians were more scattered and took “Sunni Islam” as their occupying force. Generally, both kept away from Arabs and tried to keep alive the Mesopotamian Culture and Civilization as much as possible.

But, over a period of time, the Arabs forced themselves on the northern Mesopotamian Babylonians and southern Mesopotamian Babylonians and succeeding in cross breeding with them to some extent. Hence today almost 5 to 10% of Iraqi population is mixed Arab-Mesopotamian and the most un stable lot.

If Iraq is to get back its Mesopotamian Babylonian roots, it will have to unite both the northern Mesopotamian Babylonians and the southern Mesopotamian Babylonians. It will have to develop a government with this historical responsibility in mind. A divided Mesopotamian Babylon Iraq will fall easy prey to enemies, which are plenty.

Though Democracy is a government invented in Mesopotamia but its form has varied over thousands of years and still vary today. The democracy in Mesopotamian Babylon Iraq must reflect its Mesopotamian and Babylonian roots, its Mesopotamian Culture and Civilisation, its population composition and its ground reality.

As a starter, Iraq should shift to a Presidential form of government but a unique Presidential form of government.

Major parties in Iraq will select their Presidential candidates. The candidate getting the highest percentage of vote will become the President. The candidate coming second will become the Vice-President. The candidate coming third will become the Deputy Vice President.
The President will select portfolios and candidates to run various departments.
The Vice President will also be the Interior Minister and will control the police and Internal defence.
The deputy Vice President will also be the defence minister and will look after the defence of the country. But, the President will be the Commander in Chief of all forces.
The combined Vice President and Deputy Vice President with 30% Parliament vote can veto any Law or order by the President.

The Iraqi Parliament will consist of two houses, a Unitary house and a Tribal house. The Unitary house will be elected by the people, with each 100,000 people electing one member.

The Tribal house is more complicated. For this all Tribes in Iraq will have to register at the central registry. To be registered as a Tribe, it should have some historical relevance and the support of at least 10,000 people.
For every 50,000 people of a tribe, the tribe can elect and send one member to the Tribal house. For example a Tribe having 300,000 registered members can elect 300,000 divided by 50,000, maximum 6 members to the Tribal house. Though it can choose to send less than 6 members for what ever reason.

Thus, before election, all Iraqi people will have to register as members of one Tribe or the other and they can vote for that Tribe election only.
This way, the Tribal house will give representation to each Tribe in Iraq.

The Tribal house will have as much voting right as the Unitary house in the government functioning.

Now, coming to revenue sharing, since oil is the major money earner, it's sharing is important. Irrespective of from where the oil is taken out, the proceeds of the sale will be collected by the central government. The Central government will have 40% share of the oil revenues. Rest of 60% revenue will be divided among the various provinces in the ratio of their populations.

For example, it total oil revenue comes to 100,000 iraqi dinar, 40,000 dinar will go to the central government and rest 60% will be divided among various provinces. Suppose there are three provinces A, B and C with populations of 100000, 200000 and 300000 respectively, than their ratio of population is 1:2:3 and the remaining 60,000 oil revenue will be divided in this ratio and proportion with province A getting 10,000 ID, province B getting 20,000 ID and province C getting 30,000 ID.

Similarly other revenues can also be divided between the central government and provinces.

To help build communication, historical languages Sumerian and Assyrian are to be recognised as official languages and their development to be financed by the government. In addition Arabic, Kurdish and English can be retained as the working official languages, with instant translations available in parliament and in media.

Once the President, Vice President and Deputy Vice President are elected along with the Parliament, they can work on the intricacies of the law and other systems to be followed in the country.

© Tanvir Nebuchadnezar

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Tanvir NewsAnalysis


When a person is killed on premeditation and purpose, it is murder. When a person is killed accidentally, it is not murder. But in both cases, the person is dead and cannot rise from the dead to give testimony against its assailants. There is another dimension to it, which is that a murder is staged to implicate another innocent person. I will examine the death of Alexander Litvenenko to find where he fits in all the above categorisation.

If the reader has not heard or read about Alexander Litvenenko, I will consider it a failure of the western media. Because they have done everything to blow the image of Alexander Litvenenko to larger than life and his death has been put on the pedestal of one of the great murder stories of this century.

But it is my assumption that some of the readers might not have heard of Alexander Litenenko or might have heard but do not recall too many details about him. To refresh such memories and minds, I will like to inform the readers that Alexander Litvenenko was KGB (now FSB) agent, which is the secret Intelligence Service of Russia. He did his work well while on duty.

Somewhere down the line, during is duties, he got in touch with some rich people and in all probability took some money from them, in return for some favours he did to them in his capacity as a KGB agent. One of such rich men was Boris Berezovsky and the two got well together. Boris Berezovsky was a political rival of the now Russian President Mr.Vladamir Putin and his enemy. Later with consolidation of power in the hands of Mr.Vladamir Putin, Boris Berezovsky left Russia and took asylum in Britain.

It is my surmise that Boris Berezovsky got in touch with the British Intelligence and informed them of his association with Alexander Litvenenko. An element of blackmail on the part of both Boris Berezovsky and british intelligence cannot be ruled out. But slowly Alexander Litvenenko distanced himself from the KGB high command and started to mouth the propaganda fed to him by the British intelligence. Obviously this set the KGB against him and they started an active investigation against him. In all likelihood, he would have been arrested, tried for treachery and collaboration with the British Intelligence and would have been punished for the same.

To avoid the above capture and punishment, Alexander Litvenenko, who got advance warning of his impending arrest left Russia for Britain. He asked for political asylum at Heathrow airport, London on November 1 2000 and was granted political asylum on 14 May 2001. This gap and delay of about 6 months was calculated on the part of British Intelligence to throw away any suspicion of their involvement.

Once Alexander Litvenenko was granted political asylum, he started actively serving in the British Intelligence. Most of the information he had gathered as a KGB agent, he had already passed to the British Intelligence and thus as far as gathering Intelligence about Russia was concerned, was of no further use to the British Intelligence.

We must also appreciate that after the break up of Soviet Union in 1990-91 and Chechan war during 1996-98 period, Russia was particularly vulnerable and the Western Intelligence, particularly the British Intelligence and the CIA (US Intelligence) were looking for loopholes and weaknesses in the Russian nation. Their purpose was to weaken Russia militarily, economically and politically and to have a US/Britain compliant government in Moscow. To this end, all resources of the US Intelligence and British Intelligence were geared to fulfil.

To this end, Alexander Litvenenko was a very handy propaganda tool. He had extensive knowledge about the Russian Intelligence and political hierarchy and was presentable to the western media. All these are important factors for the propaganda to succeed. Add to this that Alexander Litvenenko had some friends in the KGB. But I think the most important factor was that financially Alexander Litvenenko was dependent on payments of the British Intelligence and loans from Boris Berezovsky. He had a lavish lifestyle and ran into considerable debts on that account. Thus, he offered no intellectual resistance to the British Intelligence and did exactly what he was told to do by them, including writing two book, “Blowing up Russia: Terror from Within” and “Lubyanko Criminal Group”. Both the books, though utilised the extensive knowledge of Alexander Litvenenko had about KGB and inner Russian politics, were ghost written by British Intelligence authors. Both books are designed to weaken the creditability of the Russian government and its leaders and its moral standing as a nation state in the world.

But, even the books like the above can have influence on people who read the books. On others, they will have no influence. the British Intelligence needed a bigger plot to hack on the Russian Intelligence and government and its leaders.

When Alexander Litvenenko’s propaganda value has plummeted to very low levels, he was of little use alive to the British Intelligence or the CIA.

But, suppose Alexander Litveneneko was to be murdered and his murder could be traced to Russian Intelligence and than to the Russian government and than to the Russian President Mr.Vladamir Putin, than Alexander Litvenenko would have completely served his purpose, even at the cost of his life.

The above could be done two ways. One way was for the British Intelligence to induce Russian Intelligence to Kill Alexander Litvenenko in a obvious way, so it points directly to the Russian government. Now, this is most difficult and after a trial and waiting of nearly 5 years, was abandoned. The British Intelligence had tried to make Alexander Litvenenko as much a attractive bait as it possibly could but the Russians refused to take it.
Tired of waiting for 5 years, for the Russians to murder Alexander Litvenenko, the British Intelligence decided to do it itself.

But the problem was not in doing the murder but implicating not only the Russian Intelligence but the Russian government and preferably the Russian president Mr.Vladamir Putin. Already in the Inducement plan, Alexander Litvenenko had personally insulted and accused the Russian President Mr.Vladamir Putin of various alleged crimes. This was to be presented as a reason why the Russian Intelligence, Russian government and Russian president would murder Alexander Litvenenko.

The same baiting insults and accusations were later used to accuse the Russian Intelligence, Russian government and Russian president of murdering Alexander Litvenenko by Polonium 210 poisoning on 1st November 2006 and death on 23rd November 2006 by lethal Polonium 210 induced acute radiation syndrome.

I will like to inform the reader that Polonium 210 is one of the world’s rarest element. It is produced artificially in Nuclear reactors. All of the world’s legal polonium 210 is produced in Russia in RBMK reactors. About 85 grams (450000 Ci) are produced by Russia annually for research and industrial purposes. It is no wonder that polonium used to kill Alexander Litvenenko has been traced back to Russia. It is lethal in small amounts. One gram of its silver salt can kill a man. A poisoned victim will experience multiple organ failures as alpha radiation particles destroy the liver, kidneys and bone marrow from within. Symptoms like nausea, hair loss, throat swelling etc. are common. One microgram of Polonium 210 can deliver a fatal dose. Its a silver coloured metal found in Uranium ores, Polonium 210 is one of the 25 radioactive isotopes of Polonium and it decays to lead by alpha particle emission, with a half life of 138 days. The alpha particles emitted can be stopped by skin or paper or glass. Ingestion of Plonium 210 causes damage inside the body by taking electrons from body molecules and causing DNA damage.
Polonium 210 emits alpha particles with a characteristic energy of around 5.3 MeV, which a alpha particle spectrometer can identify.

Alexander Litvenenko’s father has accused Boris Berezovsky and Alexander Goldfarb of being behind’s his son’s murder. Boris Berezovsky was found dead at his home in England on 23rd March 2013 with strangulation like marks on his neck.

Initially Scotland Yard (London police) had reported that Alexander Litvenenko was poisoned with Thallium. Thallium poisoning distinctly causes hair loss and damage to peripheral nerves.

Now, I will give the “POLONIUM TRAIL”  as reported by the British investigators:

“Three distinct polonium trails in and out of London, at three different dates, which according to investigation suggests that Andrey Lugovoy and Dmitry Kovt took two two failed attempts to administer polonium to Litvenenko before the final and successful one. 
 The first attempt took place on 16 October 2016,when radioactive traces were found in all places visited by the FSB operatives, before and after their meeting with Litvenenko, where they administered poison to his tea, which he never drank. (They are supposed to not know how to handle polonium , stored in their hotel rooms, used regular towels to clean up leaks and eventually disposed the poison in the Toilet). On 17th October, perhaps realising they contaminated their rooms, they prematurely checked out and moved to another hotel and left London the next day”

“Another unsuccessful assasination attempt took place on 25th October when they flew to London again. They left radioactive traces again in their hotel prior to meeting Litvenenko but did not administer the poison, perhaps due to security cameras in the meeting room and disposed off the poison into their room’s toilet and left London.”

“The third attempt of poisoning Litvenenko took place at around 5PM of 1 November in the Millennium Hotel in Grosvenor Square. The bus he travelled into the hotel had no signs of radioactivity but large amounts had been detected at the hotel. Polonium was subsequently found in a 4th floor room and in a cup in the pine bar at the hotel. After the Millennium bar, Litvenenko stopped at the office of Boris Berezovsky. He used a fax machine. At 6 PM Akhmed Zakayev picked Litvenenko up and brought him home to Miswell hill. The amount of radioactivity left by Litvenenko in the car was so significant, the car was rendered unusable.”

“traces left by Lugovoy were also found in the office of Berezovsky that he visited on 31 October, a day before his second meeting with Litvenenko. Traces left by Kovtun were found in Hamburg, Germany. He left them on his way to London on 28th October.”
“The traces were found on passenger jets BA 875 and BA 873 from Moscow to Heathrow on 25 and 31 October, as well as flights BA 872 and BA 874 from Heathrow to Moscow on 28 October and 3 November”   END OF TRAIL

In January 2016, Robert Owen UK Public enquiry stated that Andrey Lugovoy and Dmitry Kovtun were responsible for the poisoning of Litvenenko. The enquiry also stated that there was a strong probability that Lugovoy and Kovtun were acting under the direction of the FSB, and that their actions were probably approved by both Nikolai Patrushev, Director of FSB and Russian President Mr.Vladamir Putin.

Another important point to understand is that both Lugovoy and Kortun were friends with Litvenenko. This fact was used by British Intelligence. They asked him to invite them to London so they could try to make them defect to them. To this Litvenenko agreed and invited Lugovoy and Kortun for a a business deal. They informed Litvenenko when they were coming to London. Thus, their movements were known to the British Intelligence.

Once they landed in London, a reverse trail of Polonium 210 was implanted by the British Intelligence, including their aircraft seats, hotel rooms etc.

The autopsy of Litvenenko has revealed two spikes of Polonium. This means that he was poisoned twice. Once he was poisoned in the presence of Italian businessman Mario Scaramella at a sushi restaurant. This dose was sub-lethal and was a theatre rehearsal for his later poisoning when he was to have food and drink with Lugovoy and Kortun.
During Litvenenko’s lunch with Lugovoy and Kortun, he was successfully poisoned by British Intelligence, both in his tea and drink. This was the lethal dose that subsequently took his life.

The spray of polonium 210 was sprayed on the backs of Lugovoy and Kortun so that they would leave a “Handling trail” and not an “Ingestion trail”, wherever they would go. This would implicate them in a later investigation.

Thus, all description of the trail of Polonium given by the British investigators is true but Litvenenko was not poisoned by Lugovoy or Kortun. He was poisoned by the British Intelligence to implicate Lugovoy and Kortun and at a later date implicate the KGB and the Russian government, including the Russian president.

As I have explained earlier, polonium 210 is lethal when ingested but has no effect on contact with the skin. Thus the sprays and trail of polonium used and made by the British Intelligence had no effect on the general public. Any harm to the British citizens was checked by a timely warning and adequate healthcare provided in a systemic and timely manner.

Thus, almost all British report of Litvenenko poisoning trail is correct except that the source of Polonium 210 is British Intelligence and Lugovoy and Kortun are innocent. Obviously, Russian government and Russian President had no role to play in this self incriminating drama played on British soil by British Intelligence.

Many people in Russia might have wanted Alexander Litvenenko dead, but none of them killed him, many people in Britain wanted Litvenenko to live but their Intelligence killed him!

Copyright       Tanvir Nebuchadnezar