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Sunday, February 12, 2017


Tanvir NewsAnalysis


People die and people are born. The cycle goes on but when we have society and we have entrusted the task of protecting the citizens of a country to the government. We expect them to do that. Sometimes in exceptional circumstances they can fail and can be excused for to a slight degree but if the government itself plots the death of more than 200 innocent citizens to cover its criminal acts of passing unconstitutional and barbaric act of taking away fundamental rights of its most distinguished resident, which happens to be me, but earns enormous amounts of money by betting on me under the same act. But if it sees itself losing that enormous money, it decides to kill me. But because it cannot be seen a criminal so it hatches a plan to kill me in which more than 180 innocent citizens lose their lives.

      The Bombay or Mumbai terrorist act is an example of everything wrong with Indian democracy. But nobody in the media picked the threads of truth to tell the people of India as to how its government is making a fool out of them. I as not only as a victim of the plot but also as a person who wants to enlighten the people of the working of a government they choose with lot of enthusiasm.

      Here is the real truth behind the Mumbai or shall we call it Bombay Terrorist attack of 2008.

 On 18th of November 2008 I left for Mumbai from Dehradun by reserved train. I had to get my Maharashtra medical council registration renewed. I also wanted computerized mark sheets for my MBBS done at AFMC Pune from Pune University.

           I reached Mumbai uneventfully and got myself a dormitory room accommodation at 'SHIP' hotel near Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST).

         The next day I went to the Maharashtra medical council office at Arthur road and presented my documents. I was told that it would take a week or two and my medical identity card would be sent by post. I than visited several sites in Mumbai in the next two to three days, including the Gateway of India. There I was able to think and work out my " New Tidal wave theory “.

   I than took the shuttle train to Pune the next morning and got my computerized mark sheets from Pune university, changed my signature at my AFMC India Overseas Bank account, bought several books from the AFMC book store, bought clothes for myself and some other articles. I stayed at a hotel near Pune railway station.
             I also withdrew cash from my Combined banking services state bank of India account both at Pune and in Mumbai.

         I returned from Pune to Mumbai, got a room (dormitory) in the same 'SHIP' hotel I stayed a few days earlier. I got Tatkal (emergency) reservation to Hardwar on 26th November 2008. My train was to leave from Mumbai central which is about one hour drive from CST station and where I was staying.

      I got myself a local train ticket to Mumbai central from CST at CST station at around 6.00 PM local time. My train to Haridwar was supposed to leave from Mumbai central at around 11 .00 PM. I returned to my hotel and packed my luggage. The local train was due at around 8: 30 PM around that time. I signed off the register around 8.00 PM and got down from the hotel at near 8: 10 PM. I was carrying heavy luggage which would have weighed nearly 30 to 40 Kg.
      As I went down I thought that it will be difficult to board the overcrowded local train with such heavy luggage and I talked to a Taxi driver to carry me and my luggage to Mumbai central. This was around 8:25 PM. This saved my life.

      Well the details of the attack the world knows, my side of Mumbai visit I have told. Now here is the untold reality.

 I had written the scientific work " A study into homosexuality" in mid 2008 .The only copies of this work are available with the U.S copyright office, a copy I sent to BBC office at Bush house London and I sent a copy each to the U.S. embassy and U.K embassy in New Delhi. Unfortunately my copy I had put in the open as I have written earlier. Homosexuals read this copy and might have passed a copy of this to others.

     Now I had planned my trip to Mumbai in advance. It was than that the order for my assassination was passed by the Indian government (Indian Parliament) but it was to look like a accident.

           The Indian Intelligence agencies which control Taliban and Lashkar -e -Taeba, both fronts of Al Qaeda, which is founded by India, Iran and Syria with some western intelligence help, gave order to Lashkar -e- taeba to attack Mumbai at a date when I was to be in Mumbai.

       Only the head and deputy of Lashkar -e -taeba are controlled by Indian Intelligence agencies and that too through its ISI (Inter Services Intelligence, Pakistan) contacts. So Lashkar operatives and cadres know nothing that they are being indirectly controlled by Indian Intelligence agencies and that too through its ISI contacts.

         After the order was given by the Indian government to Indian Intelligence agency to ISI contacts to Lashkar -e -taeba to Lashkar operatives, the operation was set up. Indian Intelligence passed all information about the targets and me to Lashkar chief who passed the information to the operatives. My photograph and video was also passed but my name was not given so that they could not take or reveal my name. My movements and habits have been very well studied by the Indian Intelligence and my route was partially manipulated.

     The attack was to  kill me and show it as terrorist hand. Now I have investigated reports that the operatives landed by boats in coloba, which is Indian Intelligence propaganda. The operatives had arrived in Mumbai a few days after me and were stayed in a safe house. They were to assemble at seashore in coloba to show that they just arrived there from Pakistan to rule out any Indian complicity.

           The local train was due to leave CST station at around 8:30 PM and I would have been at CST at this time when the attack started. Everything was timed perfectly, only that I at the last moment changed by travel plan and took a cab to go to my reservation train in Mumbai central.

      At 8:30 IST the attack at CST began with two gunmen with AK-47 rifles, which was supposed to kill me. Many people including many policemen were killed. I was not among the dead.

          Not finding me at CST, the attackers went out in search of me. In this search they killed several people and policemen though in a police encounter, one gunman was killed and other injured and captured and later sentenced to death.

          No body knows that these two gunmen were at CST to kill  me, they themselves didn't know. They only knew that I am very tall, over 6 feet 6 inches, fair, long hairs, very good looking and would stand out in a crowd anywhere in the world and has got the good looks that nobody forgets me once they see me. They were shown my photographs and video in Mumbai. But the gunmen didn't find me at CST, searched outside and couldn't find me and were later neutralized by Mumbai police.

        In the attack before it was brought under control on Saturday 29th November 2008. Luckily I was not one of those innocent victims. This is Indian government. This is terrorism. This is spinoff. This is the true story. I survived. Innocent people died. Real killers are in Indian government alive. They blame others. Terrorists are everywhere. Masterminds of terrorists are in the Indian government and Indian Intelligence. Read anything bigger. This is detective work. This is investigation. This is why I am I. This is because I have the most astonishing observation, analytical, inference capabilities the world has ever known. This is why I survive.

         But the dissection of the Mumbai terrorist attack is not over. As I have written in my previous article, the Indian government passed bills in 1998 and 1999, which took away all my fundamental rights and various religions made claims about me being their religious deity. The Indian government took this opportunity to pass these bills, which required cooperation of almost all members of parliament and state assemblies. But they added a clause of bets, which is ostensibly to test and check these various claims, but like all things corrupt, were essentially meant to earn money for political leaders in India through betting. This bill was also used by the Indian government to bet on my mother who was murdered by the Al Qaeda members under the order of the Indian government on 21st March 1999. I had completed my internship from Bhillai and was on my way home and had boarded the train on the same very day my mother was murdered under orders of the Indian government.

     Because the Indian government had claimed me as homosexual (I am absolutely straight) so my article writing about homosexuality as low animal life and certainly not in anyway praising it, meant that I had publicly opposed the very central claim on which basis the government had passed these bills in 1998 and 1999. This meant that the Indian government could no longer hold the bill legally and morally because the article proved that I am straight and does not in any way approve of homosexuality. But this also meant that many political leaders would have either lost their jobs or huge amounts of money as they had put bet on me to be homosexual (I am straight). The Indian government wanted to kill me before I could go public with that scientific work I wrote about homosexuality. Though I have lost the original hand written work but the Xerox of that hand written work is still available at U.S. Copyright Office with registration number TXu001775206. I copyrighted the work in 2009.

       Again people must understand that as with the bills the order to assassinate me could not have been passed without the consent of the Indian Prime Minister, Congress President and leader of Opposition and head of Intelligence in India. In fact the Indian Parliament voted for the Bombay carnage to take place in order to kill me. This way nobody would have ever known about the bill. But such is red tape in India that murder charges against common criminals take decades to be proven if at all. So the chances of criminal action being taken against the real perpetrators of Mumbai massacre are indeed slim. But people must be informed about the truth and that is the purpose of this article. The author feels his duty to inform and enlighten the readers of what happens around them. Don’t always go with what the media says, apply your brain and many times the truth will strike you like a cold bucket of water on your face on a very cold snowy night and will probably awaken you from your sleep of passiveness and humble worship of corrupt and worthless leaders and politicians,
Let people know the truth
Let people see the true faces
Let people rise from their slumbers
Let people rise from laziness
Let people rise against corruption
Let people rise against true terrorism
Let people see the face of truth!


 Copyright Tanvir Nebuchadnezar


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