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Sunday, February 12, 2017


Tanvir NewsAnalysis

                              Mr. Assange and Human Rights

----------------------------some background ----------------


6th August 1945 = USA drops Atom bomb ‘ Little boy’ on Hiroshima, killing 90,000 to 166,000 people, over a million to this day

9th August 1945 = USA drops Atom bomb ‘ Fat man’ on Nagasaki, killing 60,000 to 80,000 people, over a million to this day

April 2003 = USA drops Neutron bomb on Baghdad Airport after failing to secure it through its elite special forces. Brave Iraqi Republican Guards protected the facility. Over 2000 brave Iraqis soldiers killed.

A month in 2003 = another nuclear bomb dropped in a suburb of Basra, over 50,000 killed, over a million to this day

2003= USA drops a nuclear bomb on Torah Borah, Osama has already escaped, over a thousand people killed

------------------------------                 ----------------------

-----------------           --------------     USA is the modern democracy of western world  ----------
          and human rights   -----------------     see the the above -------------       see below

 Come to present

Mr. Julian Asssange is an editor, publisher and journalist and Editor in chief and founder of WikiLeaks, which publishes submissions of secret information of public interest, is holed in Ecuador embassy in London since June 2012. USA wants him dead or alive but most importantly neutralized so that he no longer can inform the world about USA and its policies.
WikiLeaks is also a public interest publication designed to provide a safe conduit for whistleblowers all over the world to expose wrong doings, regardless of political ideology or allegiance.
 WikiLeaks also stand for freedom of expression and freedom of press as well as repudiation of the abuses of power in certain countries.

 Mr. Julian Assange is required in Sweden for questioning regarding sexual offences alleged by two women, one is a 31 year old, a politician in the Social Democratic Party and the other a 26 year old younger woman. Both had consensual sex with Mr.Julian Assange. The 31 year old woman case is K246336-10 who has alleged the offenses of unlawful coercion and two instances of sexual molestation.The 26 year woman’s case is K246314-10 for alleged rape.
   Both females had consensual sex with Mr.Julian Assange and than developed cold feet a few days later. Both feel offended by trivial actions of Mr.Assange. In one case Mr.Assange failed to wear condoms during sex as he promised, which can be breach of faith at worst but no sex offence.The other alleges that Mr Assange tried to have sex when she was asleep. It is impossible to have sex with a person without other person  waking if she was really asleep.

   Both are very frivolous charges if at all any charge can be applied to these cases. Logically the consent for sex is present as long as the male and female continue to remain in same bed willingly. The female will have to climb out of bed, wear clothes and tell the male in words that she no longer wants to have sex with him for the sexual relationship to be considered ended. She should move to another room if available and move out of house if its not her own or ask the male to leave if she is in her own lodging.

    Neither woman did so and thus any effort on part of Mr Julian Assange to have sex in either case ( with success or just a effort) was legitimate, legal and within normal limits of female male sexual copulation relationships.

    It seems the 31 year old was pressurized by her political bosses to level charges against Mr.Assange, which in turn were pressurized by the US government reeling and embarrassed by continuous wikileaks disclosures about its human rights wrongdoings all around the world, when publicly it claims such high moral ground as far as democracy and human rights are concerned.

     The 26 year old woman was either misled by the police and people around her or bought under pressure from Swedish authorities again under US government directions.

      Both these sex offence allegations were meant to neutralize the freedom of Mr.Assange and to isolate and discredit him so that his previous work can be discredited and future work preempted.

    Because if Mr.Assange is arrested for these crimes in Sweden, theoretically all his liberties can be taken away for practically indefinite period, with chance of  torture and interrogation either in Sweden or after being extradited to USA or a third country, as happened with two Egyptians Ahmed Agiza and Muhamad Al Zeniy in 2001, who were seeking asylum in Sweden but were rendition by Sweden to Egypt at the request of CIA (USA) in an extra judicial move.

       Thus both allegations of sex offences in Sweden have been registered under pressure from USA to neutralize Mr.Assange with partial success as he remained under house arrest in England for almost 2 years and has been in refuge in Ecuador embassy, London since 19th June 2012.

      Considering the above circumstances, the Ecuadorian government of Mr.Rafael Correa granted asylum to Mr.Assange. But Mr.Assange has been unable to leave Ecuador embassy for Ecuador as the embassy has been surrounded by London police.

       For this embassy siege the English government gives the reason that a European Arrest warrant(EAW) has been issued for his arrest for alleged crimes in Sweden. England ostensibly wants to extradite Mr.Assange to Sweden but in reality it is neutralizing the activities of Mr.Assange and hence Wikileaks by isolating him in the small Ecuador embassy, thus greatly curtailing Mr.Assange and WikiLeaks capabilities on direct orders from the US government.

        Well so much for national sovereignty and diplomatic immunity and human rights !

   But why will the United States want Mr.Assange so badly, as to go to the extent of concocting sexual charges and than to virtually imprison him in Ecuador embassy. He and wikileaks must have done something very damaging to the United States government ?

       Well that something is that through it's various secret publications, it has exposed the hypocritical and less than perfect claims of  democratic and human rights  which USA has crowed for so long in the past, especially after world war 2 and at the end of cold war.

       These disclosures by wikileaks show the USA and US government as manipulative and mass murderers who in the guise of justice and human rights have killed millions of people around the world and continues to do so even to this day.

       Lets examine some of the documents and information about USA and its activities around the world leaked by the wikileaks.

>> Guantanamo Bay Secrets = it’s a secret facility in Cuba where prisoners are taken, tortured, kept indefinitely in inhuman conditions.The US government promised to close it in 2009 but to this day out of 779 detainees, 172 are still detained.
       Some damaging information leaked includes that Adil Hadi al Jazari Bin Hamilili, an Algerian citizen was detained in Pakistan in 2003, transferred to Bagram detention centre, north of Kabul but was in reality working for british and Canadian Intelligence. He was involved in several Al Qaeda bombing plots in Afganistan and Pakistan.This leads credence to my claim that some elements in  western Intelligence agencies have been helping Al Qaeda ( given in my book”Sexuality:A study into Homosexuality”.
     Another embarrassing information leaked by these documents is that Osama bin Laden escaped Torah Borah helped by cleric Nuur Mohammed, who gave him fighters and Osama escaped breaching coalition lines in Afganistan and not the Pakistani lines.
      Another damaging leak is that Mullah Haji rohullah waxil, from eastern Kuner province held in August 2002 by American forces was working with british diplomats and intelligence services for his anti taliban and anti al Qaeda and drug eradication.
     Of the detainees, one was a 88 senile dementia patient and another 14 year old boy.
        Basically Guantanamo bay was less to collect intelligence but more to show American people that government and intelligence agencies were not impotent and that they have arrested so many Al Qaeda operatives  even if they included senile dementia patients and children !

>> Global Intelligence Files = a collection of more than 5 million E mails from Texas headquarters “Global Intelligence” company Stratfor between July 2004 and December 2011. Stratfor fronts as a intelligence publisher but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations as Bhopal’s Dew Chemical,Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grummen, Raytheon  but also US department of homeland security, the marines, the US defense Intelligence Agency.
The Art of Economic Sanctions and how to counter them

      The Emails show Stratfor’s web of informers, pay structure, payment laundering techniques and psychological methods.

        There are more than 4000 Emails mentioning Wikileaks or Mr.Julian Assange. It Shows that governments and diplomatic sources from around the world give Stratofor advance knowledge of global politics and events in exchange for money.These files also explain how how Stratofor has recruited a global network of informants who are paid via swiss bank accounts and prepaid credit cards. Stratofor has a mix of covert and overt informers which includes government employees, embassy staff and journalists around the world.
        This shows direct US and US government interference and espionage into the internal matters of almost all other countries including its own so called allies and is a clear violation of International laws and norms governing such kind of interaction and behavior.
The Edward Snowden Revelations and Economic piracy

>> Afgan war diary (2004 to 2010) = released  by wikileaks in july 2010, it’s a collection of over 91,000 reports covering the war in Afganistan from 2004 to 2010. It describes lethal military actions, many with massive civilian casualties.They clearly show the the use of excessive force by US military in its operations and its utter failure to gain full military control over Afganistan and capture Osama bin Laden.
    It show massacre of 60 women and children by US military in Garani, Afganistan.
         These files clearly show why US Afganistan war can be regarded as its biggest failure after Vietnam war.
     I suggest a US 500 billion dolar compensation package for all the genocide and destruction caused by USA and its allies in Afganistan.

>> Secret US embassy cables = beginning November 2010, wikileaks published 251,287 leaked US embassy cables.These cables date from 1966 to the end of February 2010.They contain confidential communication between 274 embassies in countries through out the world and the State department in Washington DC.Of these 15652 are classified as secret.
     These cables clearly show that USA has been using its embassies around the world as espionage centers to collect sensitive information about the host country and than use it to manipulate the events in the host country to its own advantage.
     These cables clearly show that US has been spying on its allies and the UN, turning a blind eye to corruption and human rights abuse in client states, under table deals, lobbying for US corporations and show almost all infringement of International laws of diplomacy and propriety as well as healthy business practices.
         Use of embassies for espionage is not new and its use by other countries for espionage is also documented but the scale of US espionage and its ramifications is truly massive and mind boggling.

>> Collateral Murder= this describes a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate killing of over a dozen people in the Iraq suburb of New Baghdad including 2 Reuters news staff.
The nature, purpose, origin and aims of ISIL
        But this is not even the tip of the iceberg. The second Gulf war against Iraq from March 2003 to December 2011 is responsible for the killing of over one million innocent Iraqi citizens and over 300,000 brave Iraqi soldiers who were just trying to protect their homeland.The pretext for the attack was Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). No WMD have ever been found in IRAQ.
        To kill over one million people of IRAQ, which is the home of the greatest apex intelligence and civilization the world has ever known is truly the most criminal act of this century so far.Worse still the first Neutron bomb on a live population was used in Baghdad airport in 2003.
       The USA owes the Iraqis nearly 24 Trillion US dollars for what they stole during the two gulf wars.

         The US government to stop this naked exposure of its abuse of power and breech of International laws and human rights of people around the world started a criminal investigation against Mr.Assange, which is being carried out by a federal grand jury, which virtually assures he will be indicted as it is widely seen as a  rubber stamp for the public prosecutor and US government.

          The US government can charge Mr.Assange under the US 1917 espionage act. It can also charge him under 18USC 641,18USC793, 18USC371, 18USC 1030  and a few other sections.
        But all these laws require it to be proven that Mr.Assange had the intent to cause damage to US national security. But far from this, the sole aim of Mr.Assange was to inform the people of USA and around the world of the wrongdoings of the US government and its spy agencies and he had no intention to harm the United States people. In fact his aim was to enlighten the US people to the misdeeds of US government, which was causing great damage to people around the world but was also jeopardizing the security of United States citizens by its criminal acts in many countries.

         The USA has created a multi agency task force of about 80 to 120 agents to target wikileaks and Mr.Assange  headed by Brig.General Robert.A.Carr of Defense Intelligence Agency.
     From above its very clear that there is clear and present danger to the life, safety and integrity of Mr.Assange and hence his seeking of asylum in Ecuador embassy, London is fully justified under all present International laws, most notably United Nations Charter 1945, Universal Declaration of human rights  1948, Geneva convention of August 12 1949, convention on diplomatic asylum 1954, European convention on the extradition of 1957.

         Thus all international human right laws allow Mr.Assange to seek asylum in Ecuador and to leave England. He also has Swedish national law and international law permission to  answer an interview on his charges in Sweden on telephone or video conference.

      Isolating Mr.Assange  from others is the real purpose of accusation by Swedish females so that he does not exert his right as wikileaks editor. No contact with outside means no wikileaks essentially. This what USA wants.

Unsubstantiated and false accusations of rape is the worst human rights violation of a male as it destroys his integrity and substantially decreases his fundamental right to procure sex from a female in the future.Thus this is a mental torture of the male almost equivalent to physical rape of the female.

        In a democracy there is no room for hiding anything from the public, whether  military or otherwise. I suggest that military secrets and documents be protected by copyright and patent rights. So violation or leaking of such secrets can be tried under copyright breach laws, which come under the ambit of democratic framework and hence are legal and cover human rights of all.

        From the preceeding discussion its clear that Mr.Assange has committed no sexual offence, in fact an offence has been committed on him by false accusations. He has also done the leaks in good faith. If a murder is being committed, somebody coming in to save cannot be prosecuted for trespassing. Mr.Assange has prevented the murder of human rights, democracy and truth by his wikileaks publications and hence cannot be prosecuted for trespassing (obtaining secret documents for greater good).

        But it also raises questions that human rights need to be protected uniformly around the world. USA will have to respect the national sovereignty and human rights of other countries if it wants respect and its own sovereignty to be respected. USA is not the world, its part of the world.

          Lets get together to solve the problems of the world by respecting human rights of all and giving up war and violent means to exert our identity and claims

                           Lets resolve peacefully
                           Let the truth come out
                            Even in the form of wikileaks
                            Or Mr.Assange!

       Copyright Tanvir Nebuchadnezar



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