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Sunday, February 12, 2017


   Tanvir NewsAnalysis
                     THE SITUATION IN EGYPT

The recent events in Egypt in which the elected government was overthrown and an interim administration installed with the help of military has important lessons for the region in particular and democracy in general.
It was only 2 years back that protesters were demanding democratic elections and the overthrow of autocratic Mubarak regime. In less than 2 years, the situation shifted so dramatically that almost the same people wanted to oust the elected Morsi government.What happened in this period? Were there any behind the scene manipulations from outside? Were the second uprising a result of internal tensions and lack of trust in the Morsi regime?

For a mature analysis of the situation we must understand that Mubarak regime ruled for many years with generally peace and above average economic performance, helped by multibillion dollar aid package from USA and European Union. We must also understand that Mubarak regime was backed by the military which got huge military aid from USA in return for its support for its support to the Mubarak regime.
A very important factor that came into play after democratic elections in which Muslim Brotherhood candidate Morsi won, is the nature of Muslim Brotherhood. Though from outside it may look that Muslim Brotherhood is a mass based party and movement but in truth its core is formed of salafist ideology leaders who get their training and guidance from similar leaders in Saudi Arabia. Muslim Brotherhood has got significant financial aid from Saudi Arabia over decades, just to promote salafist ideology in Muslim Brotherhood and among poor people to attract them to Muslim Brotherhood. Thus all leaders and controllers of Muslim Brotherhood are salafists whose core ideology is to promote and propagate Wahabism, which is in turn to promote a primitive  form of Saudi Arabian culture in the guise of Islam.This Saudi Arabia has been doing for many centuries, previously by military conquests and now by oil money.

Right from the start the aim of Muslim Brotherhood was to establish a salafist sharia based government, which was eventually to do away with elections once they got control of all power apparatuses in Egypt, particularly the military and police.The start of this process was self empowered dictatorial powers given to himself by presidential decrees by Morsi to dismiss anybody in Egypt. He dismissed the army chief and appointed many Muslim Brotherhood candidates in police, military and judiciary.
But this process eventually meant imposing sharia ( or Saudi Arabian  culture) laws on Egyptian society. There was hectic activity on part of Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia to do so, as with the weakening of Al Qaeda the power of salafist movement (Wahabism) and  Saudi Arabia was diminishing fast and there were orders from Saudi Arabia to speed up the process of imposing sharia and Saudi culture on Egyptian society (basically a true Babylonian country).

The hurry on part of Muslim Brotherhood, on orders from Saudi Arabia spilled the beans and many people in Egyptian society came to know of this hidden agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was establishment of sharia and  Saudi Arabian cultural laws on Egyptian society and thus these people launched an open offensive to oust Muslim Brotherhood government from power.
This is the real reason for the angry demonstrations to oust Mursi government previously and his overthrow by the military.
Most people in Egypt, except the Muslim Brotherhood supporters and salafists want a democratic secular plural society in Egypt, with freedom of belief and action and live life peacefully and happily as against the unhappy and galiz life under sharia and  Saudi arabian cultural laws.

Thus the overthrow of Morsi must be seen as the overthrow of future dictatorship and slavery under  Saudi Arabian cultural laws. Its also a show of a desire by the Egyptians to live life happily in accordance with democratic and secular principles, which guarantee opportunity to all citizens to practice their beliefs and lives, in accordance with their personal interpretations of religion and life.
Thus the present coup must be seen as a show of strong desire of Egyptians for their individual freedoms and freedom in society and is against future dictatorship and galiz life ahead under salafist Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabian cultural laws in the guise of sharia laws and Islam.

This is the second time the Egyptian people have risen in less than 2 years to ask for greater freedom both in individual and social life, and right to choose a government which protects these basic freedoms. Now the Egyptians know that such freedom is only possible under a secular and democratic government.
 May they get help from the all mighty !

              Copyright Tanvir Nebuchadnezar



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