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Sunday, April 29, 2018



Somewhere in the 1980s, Iraq went to war with Iran. Both countries suffered heavy casualties in terms of life and economy. Both countries were devastated, their economies shattered and their armies decimated. In this sense the war was a big loss to both countries. The war was instigated by CIA who backed Iraq in the hope that they will destroy or at the very least considerably weaken the Ayatollah regime in Iran or topple it. But this did not happen. Iran and Iraq were both weakened considerably but their regimes survived. This is not what the CIA wanted, but this is what remained and happened.
The Iraqi Armed forces was so weakened that by the time it invaded Kuwait and captured it, Iraq had an effective military force of 150,000 personnel, with no airforce and no navy. But it was enough to capture Kuwait and annex it. Iraqi regime was made to believe by the CIA that USA will look the other way. USA precisely wanted Iraq to capture Kuwait. This is exactly what Iraq did. This capture and annexation of Kuwait is one of the greatest success stories of CIA and U.S foreign policy.
Once a very weak Iraq captured Kuwait, the CIA and U.S propaganda machinery went full throttle. The Iraqi army and government was portrayed as barbaric invaders who were a great military strength and threat to world peace.
All Iraq had at that time was an effective military of 150,000 personnel and no airforce and no navy.
But to fight this almost minuscule military might of Iraq, USA assembled over 500,000 military personnel, over 2000 fighter jets, over 30 warships and submarines. Add to this the military force of over 70 countries.
USA knew full well that Iraq had no military capabilities but it still collected and assembled the biggest war machinery in modern history.
The correct assessment of Iraqi military strength was that it would have required only 50,000 U.S military personnel on the ground, about 70 fighter jets in air and a few Tomahawk missiles to destroy the Iraqi presence in Kuwait and its military in Iraq.
The reason for the assembly of the largest war machinery since world war 2 is much more sinister than people think. The machine was assembled to unofficially annex Kuwait and great parts of Iraq. This USA did very successfully within less than one two months. Once Kuwait and oil rich parts of Iraq were militarily annexed by the USA, it siphoned off more than 10 Trillion U.S dollar worth of oil from the annexed area in the next 7 to 8 years. This was the real purpose of first Iraq war.
Having looted both Kuwait and Iraq for nearly 10 years, there was considerable International pressure on USA to withdraw its troops from both Kuwait and Iraq. Added to this fact was that the Iraqis were fighting a very successful guerrilla warfare . During this period of loot, over 60,000 U.S military personnel lost their lives in the battlefield for a gain of nearly 10 Trillion U.S dollar worth of oil. The U.S public was never informed of these U.S military losses. But these losses and some knowledge of it to the U.S public forced U.S.A to withdraw many of its troops from Kuwait and Iraq.
However, they still maintained no fly zones in Iraq to continue to plunder its oil.
The 10 Trillion U.S dollar oil that U.S.A plundered and stole was used to build its economy and infrastructure. So in 1990 from being one of the top economies of the world, it became the biggest and premier economy of the world.
However, in the early 2000s, the U.S economy again began to slow down. There were loss of jobs and economy was stagnating.
Than came the miracle called 9/11 in which passenger aircrafts were crashed into World Trade Towers. It was an unfortunate event which could have been prevented because the CIA had full knowledge of the perpetrators and their targets. They did not stop them. They did not want them to be stopped.
Thousand of people were killed in the inferno and USA got all the necessary condolences from all around the world.

Mr.Assange and Human Rights
The next move was to convey to the world that USA will not sit silent and will destroy the perpetrators and the countries they were harboured in. USA gave itself a blank cheque to attack any country on this pretext. It had the sympathy of the world.
USA duly attacked Iraq which by now had a mere 100,000 military personnel, no airforce and no navy.
Iraq was easily captured. Now the whole of oil rich Iraq was under the full control of USA. For the next 10 years, USA plundered and destroyed everything of beauty in Iraq including its people and looted more than 10 Trillion U.S dollar worth of oil.
However, again the problem that had forced USA to withdraw its troops from Iraq in the 1st Iraq war happened. Iraqis formed a Guerrilla warfare army and kept killing U.S military personnel. In the 10 years U.S army was in Iraq, more than 100,000 U.S military personnel were killed in combat with the Iraqis for the price of 10 Trillion U.S dollar worth of oil they looted from Iraq.
This money was used to boost U.S economy but the 2008 economic meltdown destroyed the gains of the loot.
The loss of more than 160,000 military personnel combined in the two Iraq wars led to major rethinking by the CIA and US foreign policy makers.
Around 2010, they devised a plan by which they would train and arm Afro Iraqis who were against the Iraqi government. To this effect about 50,000 Afro Iraqis and Africans were trained . Added to this was the presence of 40,000 U.S special Forces personnel and 6000 British special forces personnel. They camouflaged and disguised themselves as ISIL. This is the origin and composition of ISIL.
ISIL attacked Mosul and captured it and kept on capturing vast areas of Iraq and Syria. Compared to this ISIL power was a very weakly trained Iraqi army of mere 50,000. No wonder they were so easily routed in Iraq. They were fighting the U.S and British special forces in the guise of ISIL.
The purpose of ISIL was to take revenge for the killing of more than 160,000  U.S military personnel in the first and second Iraq wars. Also the purpose was to capture oil rich parts of both Iraq and Syria and loot its oil. Before the defeat of ISIL, they looted around 200 billion U.S dollar worth of oil.

The Situation in Syria
The only way that this US-British ISIL could be defeated was if Russia intervened. Russia did so on the invitation of the Syrian government. With the help of Iran, Hezbollah and Syrian army, Russia defeated the ISIL. Russia also helped destroy ISIL in Iraq by providing intelligence to the Iraqi government and military.
The defeat of ISIL and the losses it suffered in 1st and 2nd Iraq wars is the biggest defeat suffered by USA and Britain since World war 2. It is even more catastrophic than the defeat USA suffered at the hands of the Vietnamese.
The purpose of ISIL was to plunder oil as in 1st and 2nd Iraq wars. That purpose is defeated as of now, till such time CIA and USA foreign policy makers along with their British accomplices could muster another great robbery.
  So much for ISIL or whatever!
© Tanvir Nebuchadnezar

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